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highly intuitive, easy to learn

Intuitive and
easy to learn

As a nonprofit organization, you have an important mission to accomplish – and you don’t have time to waste.

Quickly get your team organized in Nozbe. Thanks to its intuitive design, everyone will easily get the hang of it. Our customers have always appreciated how simple it is to get started and use Nozbe.
plan events, manage goals

Set your goals
and track progress

Forget about multiple queries in one email – and don’t let the important stuff get lost!

When communicating internally with your team, use Nozbe! Communicate in tasks and create a clear information flow. Discuss ideas, add files, and provide feedback related to a specific assignment, all within a dedicated project. Everything is in one place!
nothing falls through the cracks

Nothing falls
through the cracks

Spend more time advancing your mission and less time managing your tasks.

Keeping track of all your dates, meetings, and deadlines can be easy! Be sure that all necessary steps are completed on time by using Nozbe. Set task dates, enable reminders, and use the repeating tasks feature to automate processes and save time.
clear responsibilities

Set clear

It’s important that everyone on your team knows who is responsible for each task.

Delegate a task to your teammate with just a few clicks. The task will show up in their Incoming, so they won’t overlook it. Everyone in your team will see the work progress in the comments.
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Michael St. Pierre, the founder of Nonprofit Productive, helps busy nonprofit leaders be more productive. He is the Executive Director of a nonprofit of university professionals in the United States.
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Examples of how nonprofit teams benefit from Nozbe

    Organizing a fundraising event

    The structure of Nozbe is simple: Projects > Tasks > Comments > DONE!

    Add projects dedicated to anything you need. For example, let’s say you’re planning a fundraising event. What you need to do is:

    1. Create a new project.
    2. Add tasks that need to be done, e.g. ‘Goal,’ ‘Budget,’ ‘Event venue,’ ‘Sponsors,’ ‘Marketing strategy,’ ‘Social media,’ etc.
    3. Assign tasks to the people who are responsible for them.
    4. In each of these tasks, add comments to describe what needs to be done and add reference materials.
    5. Now you can start working on tasks, discuss details, and ask others for feedback in the comments. Everything related to this event is in one place!

    Coordinating volunteers

    You likely have many volunteers participating in the work of your organization, and you need to manage them somehow. Well, Nozbe is a great place to do it! How?

    1. Create a project called ‘Volunteers’.
    2. Add project sections to keep the workload in order, e.g., ‘Recruitment,’ ‘Volunteers,’ ‘Meetings,’ etc.
    3. In each of these sections, add tasks. For example:
    - Section: Recruitment | Tasks: ‘Guidelines,’ ‘Recruit volunteers,’ ‘Screening,’ ‘Orientation’, etc.;
    - Section: Volunteers | Tasks: Add one task for each of your volunteers and assign a supervisor; In the comments, write down what each of them is responsible for;
    - Section: Meetings | Tasks: Add a new task for each of the meetings; Set a due date; Discuss the agenda in the comments.
    4. If you have any volunteers who are not a part of your team but with whom you would like to share a task and have them communicate in comments – it’s possible in Nozbe! A singular task can be shared with anyone in the world using their email address. Read more about this function.
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