Radek Pietruszewski


Software writer, proud generalist, and senior skeptic at Nozbe.

His main job is keeping iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch apps for Nozbe running nice and smooth. He’s also a part of Nozbe’s design team and the ██████████ (REDACTED) R&D team.

You can listen to him and Michael chat every week about productivity, technology, and business on The Podcast.

Where to find Radek

  • The Podcast — Weekly podcast on productivity, technology, business, and more that Radek co-hosts with Michael.
  • @radexp — Here’s where Radek rants about rockets, Apple products, and other nerdy stuff.
  • radex.io — Radek’s technical blog.
  • radex.io/books — Radek’s book notes and recommendations.
  • Tadam — Simple Pomodoro timer for Mac to help you stay productive at work.