Remote Teamwork - The Ultimate Guide

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See how your remote or hybrid team
can work really efficiently

what will you achive

Is it what I need?

  • Your team works remotely or in a hybrid mode?
  • You’d like to reduce communication issues and get projects done on time?
  • You want to help your team better organize and increase productivity?

Then we’ve got something for you!

What will I achieve?

  • Help your team set up the communication system that works
  • Improve your team’s productivity by finding more time for focused work
  • Minimize the number of toxic meetings in your company
  • Learn how to communicate effectively through tasks and feedback
  • See why it’s better to write than chat
  • Reduce the stress level in your team

Who will I learn with?

Michael Sliwinski is a team productivity enthusiast. He’s the founder of Nozbe and Nozbe Personal, apps that help over 700 000 people and teams get more done in a better way.
His company has no office and the whole team of over 20 people have been working from homes since 2007. Michael is passionate about working remotely (#NoOffice) and in a mobile way (#iPadOnly).
Privately he is a husband and a father of 3 girls.
Michael CEO

What do I get?

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 And also
The advantages of working from home and issues and doubts that may arise

How our 100-per-cent-remote company has developed

Practical tips to enabling your team to work effectively thanks to our pyramid of communication
How to make sure you have time for deep work

How important is focused work for your team productivity

Feedback loops - the best ways to get feedback and provide it to your colleagues
The Nozbe team’s secret to great meetings that move work forward

3 golden rules of fruitful meetings

When it’s worth to communicate in real-time
Audio version of the course
If you prefer to listen instead of watching - then it’s something for you.

A short e-book including all the information you want to keep.