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Entrepreneurs from all over the world use Nozbe as their ultimate project management system.
Now your team can use the app to streamline your product development, store documents securely and ensure you never miss a deadline.
Nozbe for startups and entrepreneurs

8 reasons why startups
choose Nozbe

plan your business track work

Plan Your Business in an Organized Space

List and discuss ideas to finally transform them into business goals. With everything recorded in your projects and tasks, you can easily track your work and develop a clear action plan.
communicate effectively

Communicate Effectively To Get Your Projects Done

Thanks to the intuitive interface, your team will easily master the app and soon be able to ditch email for internal communication, creating a clear information flow and taking your work to a whole new level.
reliable tool for managing team

Successfully Manage Your Team

You need a reliable tool for managing your employees. With Nozbe, you can easily assign tasks and deadlines, deliver clear instructions and track the tasks your team is working on.
stay focused and productive

Help Your Team Stay Focused and Productive

With Nozbe, you’ll avoid the confusion and miscommunication that email and chat bring. You’ll have a structured discussion within task comments, giving everyone
a chance to contribute but still remain focused.
track and review work

Track and Review Your Work

Review projects regularly and track the progress. With just one click, you can view all your priority tasks or check out new activity in the projects you follow. In the Team view, you can find out what your teammates are working on. It’s never been easier to manage your work.
digital documents

Have All Your Digital Documents at Hand

Your reference materials should be easily accessible at all times. In Nozbe, you can add attachments to your tasks and store them securely in the cloud to ensure you have all the materials you need in a single space.
manage your business anywhere

Wherever You Go, Your Data Goes With You

Manage your business anywhere, at any time, on any device! Thanks to Nozbe, you will have immediate access to necessary information from wherever you are. No matter on which device you use the app, it works the same way and has the same set of amazing features.
business security is top priority

Your Business Security is Our Top Priority

Data security and the stability of our infrastructure are incredibly important to us. In Nozbe, all connections are encrypted using TLS banking-level security. Learn more about how we are protecting your data.
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5 steps to start


Create a project for each of your ideas or plans, and structure it by adding sections. Add actionable tasks, so your team knows what needs to be done.


Add comments to provide information and discuss ideas. Securely upload documents, artwork
and other files.


Easily assign tasks to other team members and focus on the effective task-based communication. In the Team view, you can always track what everyone is working on.


With just one click view all your incoming tasks or check out new activity in the projects you follow.


Provide feedback related to a specific assignment. Complete your tasks and move closer to your goals.
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  • checklist-done Up to 1 team
  • checklist-done Up to 5 projects and 5 people
  • checklist-done Unlimited tasks and comments
  • checklist-done Apps for Android, iPad and iPhone
Nozbe Teams devices
No credit card needed.
No time limit.


  • checklist-done Unlimited projects
  • checklist-done Unlimited storage
  • checklist-done Sharing projects with other teams for free
  • checklist-done Project and Member groups
  • checklist-done Managing project access
  • checklist-done Project sections
  • checklist-done Creating templates
  • checklist-done Separate subscriptions for each of your teams
  • checklist-done Adjusting the user limit without additional costs
  • checklist-done And more!
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Set up your startup team for the digital age

Nozbe organizes your distributed team with simplicity of a to-do list with speed and versatility of communication tools like email or chat.
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