As you probably know, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Nozbe this year. On this occasion we’re thrilled to show you how great YOU are :)

It was a demanding decade. As you can read in one of our previous blog posts, the early stage of Nozbe was a pretty difficult time as Michael (the CEO and Founder) worked on Nozbe as a side project - in the evenings, right after finishing his day job.

Time passed and here we are - a 10-year-old company, with strong foundations, a superb team of productive people who love our #NoOffice work style and fantastic users all over the world. And this post is dedicated to them. To YOU!

We are so proud that thousands upon thousands of people launch Nozbe every morning to check in on their life goals, their daily to-do list and the projects that drive them to have a successful life.

We’re sending a big “thank you” with this clip.

Here’s to the productive ones :) #EveryTaskMatters