Today we can finally introduce our fantastic users to another update from Nozbe. We worked really hard on version 3.2. This time the new features may not look as spectacular, but we believe they will be great improvements for the productivity of you and your team.

Here are the highlights of new features in Nozbe 3.2:

  • New popovers - Refreshed design with a better user experience and some new functions.
  • New project popover - Now you can set project parameters while creating a new one. Invite people, import templates, set colors, labels and descriptions easily in the new project popover. P.S You can also set colors and labels while accepting invitations to projects.

New project

  • Better keyboard support - You can now use arrow keys to select task parameters, filters or people to invite. And yes! You can confirm selection of categories for a task with a keyboard shortcut CTRL + ENTER (⌘ + ENTER on Mac).

Popover keyboard

  • Better time picker - You can also set the time for a task with the keyboard. On Android and iOS you can now use system picker to select the time.

Time picker

  • Icons and colors for templates - Thanks to Nozbe How, people use more templates in Nozbe. Now you can make your template list look nicer and cleaner thanks to icons and color support. Plus if you share your template with the world it will automatically get this color and icon in a graphic that is generated on Facebook or Twitter.

Color and icon templates

  • Gestures: configurable task swipes - Task swipes are a great way to quickly set task parameters on mobile apps. We added a new option to it. You can now go to a task’s project via task swipe. Go to Settings->General to configure right and left swipe.

Task swipes

Bonus from iOS/Mac department

  • New Quick Add on Mac - Capturing things into your Digital Productivity System like Nozbe is essential. So we made some major improvements to our Mac app.
    • New Quick Add with clean design
    • It shows you how to use hashtags to add task parameters and comments on the fly
    • It works from every app. Just hit ^⌘T (you can change this shortcut in Settings->General) and enter a new task name. After adding a task you are back in your previous app. No active window switching!

Quick add

  • Dock drop on Mac - Sometimes you have a file that requires some action from you later, so you want to save it to Nozbe. Before you needed to open Nozbe, create a task for it and then attach that file to the task. With the new dock drop action you can just drag that file and drop it on your Nozbe icon in the dock. A new task with the file attached will be created automatically in your Nozbe Inbox. Of course you can drag and drop several files at once. They will be attached in one single task.

Dock drop

  • Snooze notification on iOS - you can snooze your upcoming task notifications. They will show up again after 15 minutes. This is super handy when you are working on another task and need to finish it before going to the next one from your notification. Please note that snoozing is a kind of procrastination so use it wisely ;)


Watch the video with Nozbe 3.1 & 3.2 new features

Download Nozbe 3.2 for your platform now!

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  • Mac - Download in Mac App Store
  • Windows - Download from our site
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  • or use our Webapp

As always full Release Notes are available on our Test Blog.

written by: Rafal