Last week, we published the #NozbeOffice gallery made of photos taken by you - Nozbe users. This awesome collection would be incomplete without our offices. Well, we mean #NoOffices :) As you know, at Nozbe we don’t have one common workplace. Instead of that, we work from our homes or wherever we feel like working.

Today we’re presenting you our desks. We are different people with different needs, but together - thanks to Nozbe - we are powerful!

Michael, Nozbe Founder and CEO (he also wrote about his #NozbeOffice on his blog) #NozbeOffice by Michael

Delfina, VP Ambassador & Affiliate Program #NozbeOffice by Delfina

Hubert, Designer #NozbeOffice by Hubert

Iwona, VP Customer Happiness #NozbeOffice by Iwona

Kuba, VP Social Media #NozbeOffice by Kuba

Marcin, JavaScript Developer #NozbeOffice by Marcin

Ola, Customer Happiness Agent #NozbeOffice by Ola

Radek, Chef Designer Officer #NozbeOffice by Radek

Radziu, VP Apple Technologies #NozbeOffice by Radziu

Staszek, Software engineer #NozbeOffice by Staszek

Your turn

If you haven’t published your #NozbeOffice yet, we encourage you to do it right now! There’s always a chance your workplace (with Nozbe app included) will inspire others to work like a pro! :)