Welcome to the first issue of our new Newsletter, called “Nozbe Productivity Digest”, where we’d like to inspire you to improve your productivity and have an even happier life!

Note from Michael, Nozbe CEO

You see, I’m always thinking about ways to improve myself. But this means change. And change is hard. And it’s all about taking it one step at a time. And we never know if that step is even in the right direction until we try. And how many steps will be after that. And what will happen after a few of these steps… ten… hundred… and what if we fail? Or have to turn back?

I encourage you to keep embracing change. To keep improving. To keep trying.

After 9 years of creating Nozbe, I’m still taking my first steps: I plan every year from scratch, I focus on learning to eat more healthy and just last year I started a podcast, which is a totally new thing for me. And there’s still so much more ahead of me! Sometimes I do fail, but as someone said somewhere: “There is no failure. There’s only feedback”

Something to inspire you this week:

Here are a few resources that hopefully will help you take your new “first steps” in personal development and productivity:

Meet Nozbe users - Jamie Rufe and his F.R.E.S.H Nozbe system

Jamie Rufe

If you aren’t satisfied with your productivity system (or haven’t built one yet), you might be interested in F.R.E.S.H. system - inspired by “The Accidental Creative” book and implemented with Nozbe.

Managing projects with Nozbe 3

Periscope with Michael

A persicope recording Michael Sliwinski, our CEO, did on project management and new Nozbe 3.0 features, Nozbe Business plan and how we’ve changed user roles in projects.

How we work - our #NozbeOffice spaces


A genuine #NozbeOffice gallery with photos of Nozbe Team’s workplaces. Hope you’ll be inspired and optimize your office desk even more to achieve better productivity :-)

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The Podcast 34: Wake up and smell the coffee

The Podcast

The Podcast is a regular audio series done by Michael, our CEO, and Radek, our VP of Apple. We talk about technologies, productivity, Nozbe and things that make life valuable.

The morning is the worst possible moment for you to make good decisions, and the productivity of your whole day is at stake. They’ve found that having a strong morning routine really helps put ourselves in high gear. How? Keep listening. Blog: How a company without an office makes a great team… better? is Michael’s Medium blog where he shares our definition of an efficient company working remotely.

Michael believes there are 5 things that make our Nozbe team amazing thanks to all of us working remotely. template: Michael’s recipe for a productive day templates is the coolest way ever to share actionable or easy-to-list knowledge with the whole world (or only with folks who you’ll send a link). Every Nozbe user can create templates and make them public. On our Digest you’ll find the finest of them.

Are you frustrated with wasted time? Don’t know how to keep yourself focused on things you need to do? Michael shares his everyday template based on Unschedule and Pomodoro techniques. Give it a try.

Thanks and have a great week!

Hope you enjoyed this first issue of our “Productivity Digest”. We plan on sending you an email like this every 2-3 weeks. If you like the contents of this Newsletter, please don’t keep it to yourself and share it with the world, and if you have any comments, reply to this email and let us know!