Only last week, we introduced the first Nozbe.HOW templates and showed you how you can create yours. Today, as a thank you for being a fantastic member of our productive Nozbe community, our team has prepared a special Thanksgiving template:

Open Nozbe’s Perfect Thanksgiving Template

Just follow the steps in the template to get your perfect Thanksgiving done… or in other words, to spend a fantastic weekend full of joy and thankfullness.

Want more templates?

In the last week, other members of our Nozbe community prepared Nozbe.HOW templates for you to enjoy and use. Here are some of them:

… and there are more! Check out our Nozbe.HOW template directory for the first templates by our Nozbe community.

If you want to create a template and submit it to template directory, just follow the steps we mentioned before and post your template on Twitter or Facebook with #NozbeHow hashtag - we’ll include the best templates in our directory and if we like yours the most, you’ll get your Nozbe PRO account extended by 1-6 months as a reward!

Happy Thanksgiving!