Task-Based Communication: The Way to Improve Team Productivity. Best Business Tools.

How often misunderstandings 🤦 or lack of information hinder team productivity and stop people from completing work on time? I’d say pretty often. And here is our proven method for efficient communication… which you may find too simple and obvious to get excited about. The task-based communication. Let’s get excited about it for a while: check out what it is and how it is different from the collaboration & communication methods you know!

🔥 Revolution in team projects management and information flow

Teams in international corporations, NGOs, public institutions and small companies or startups all use quite the same collaboration tools. To exchange information, discuss things and manage projects they go for emails, chats and face to face meetings or calls. These means have proven quite disruptive and counterproductive in many cases.

Task-based communication is our alternative to traditional team work and project management methods. It’s an easy way to push projects forward and collaborate in a team efficiently.

👉🏼 What is task-based communication exactly?

Task-based communication introduces a simple structure: Projects->Tasks->Comments->DONE. Basically, you group all your team goals in projects. Then you specify tasks for each of these projects and thanks to rich comments you gather all the data and feedback necessary to get stuff done. You exchange information, feedback and opinions within tasks. You ask questions and get solutions right in tasks. You manage responsibilities within tasks. And then these tasks get done. It’s all structured, easy to follow and very actionable.

Instead of:

  • writing emails,
  • adding people on CC and BCC,
  • getting lost in long threads displayed differently in various email clients,
  • stressing out about not keeping up with chat messages,
  • …or being disturbed by phone calls,

the task-based communication guarantees you have everything organized in one place. Safe, searchable and accessible from anywhere.

Instead of:

  • wasting time,
  • meeting,
  • and discussing things “live”,

task-based communication allows you to run a structured discussion, giving everyone a chance to reflect and write their contribution down.

🏋🏾 Why task-based communication is so powerful

Here at Nozbe, we’ve been working and communicating this way for years. See why we think this method is so much better than traditional ones that are used in the vast majority of organizations.

  1. It’s structured - By commenting on each task we are more efficient - we focus on what needs to be done right there (unlike chat messages or long Emails).

  2. It’s clear - Thanks to precise task parameters we know who’s responsible for the task, which project it belongs to and when it’s due.

  3. It’s quick - Comments are easy to enter so ironing out the details is simple and we can really make sure we know what needs to be done.

  4. It’s versatile - We use formatting, checklists, files, etc. in comments so we’ve got all the info we need to get a task done.

  5. It’s playful - With reactions (and gifs) work is more fun, but we still add value to the conversation about the task.

  6. It’s productive - Task comments help make execution effortless so the team members check off the tasks faster than ever and achieve goals together.

  7. It’s organized - No chaos of managing different messaging or documenting platforms, everything is there in the comment thread of a task.

  8. It’s mobile - Thanks to apps for all the major platforms, we stay on top of tasks and communicate with the team to add value from anywhere.

  9. It’s discreet - Avoid unwanted notifications if you want to stay focused. Of course, you can manage all types of notifications in the settings.

  10. It’s accessible - All the people involved have access to the appropriate information. No need to CC anybody.

  11. It’s asynchronous - Everyone can work on their tasks at a convenient time and not be distracted in the meantime.

Would you like to try the task-based communication? It couldn’t be easier:

  • Register at Nozbe and create your team account.
  • Invite the people you want to work with.
  • Put everything your team does in projects in Nozbe Teams.
  • List everything that needs to be done to push things forward as tasks in the projects.
  • Delegate tasks and add deadlines to make sure everyone knows what to do and when to deliver their work.

Nozbe Teams comes with many more features that make the communication bias-free and the collaboration - effective.

We want to spread the word about the task-based communication and teach teams leaders to introduce this concept within their group of people. We want small teams to do great things by implementing effective task-based communication. Not by emailing each other, chatting or wasting time in meetings.

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