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This page will allow you to migrate your entire account from Nozbe Personal to the new Nozbe.

Before you start, please read the FAQ below.
Remember that it is not feasible for everything to be migrated to Nozbe.
Here you can also check if all essential features you rely on every day in Nozbe Personal are available in Nozbe.

Test the new Nozbe and if it works for you, transfer the subscription in Nozbe settings to complete the migration process.


  • What data is imported and how?

    We try to import as much data as possible, but since Nozbe Personal and new Nozbe don’t share some features, it is not feasible for everything to be moved.

    How is data imported?

    • Projects are imported as projects for everyone in your team if every team member has access to it in Nozbe Personal at the time of migration. Otherwise, it will be imported as a project with limited access to specific team members.
    • Projects shared with people outside of your team will be imported, but people outside of your team won’t be invited automatically.
    • Templates will also be imported.
    • Attachments in comments will be fully imported. Attachments in projects will be imported to a special task in that project.
    • Categories will be imported as shared tags.
    • Project labels will be imported as private project groups.
    • For each team member, we will generate an invitation.
    • For removed team members, we will generate an archived member with a correct username unless that person has deleted their Nozbe Personal account.

    Everything else will be fully imported, except for the features described below.

    Data that won’t be imported

    • Completed projects. You will still have access to your Nozbe Personal account if you need them.
    • Completed tasks are limited to 500 per project. The rest will remain available in Nozbe Personal.
    • Projects created by other members to which you don’t have access. They can later easily be imported by a team member that has access to them inside Nozbe Personal.

    Please note that importing projects works only one way and cannot be undone.

  • What happens to my Nozbe Personal data and subscription?

    After successful import, we will grant you a 30 day trial in new Nozbe so you can test if this works for you. Your data and subscription in Nozbe Personal will not be affected.

    Once you want to make the switch and complete the migration, you can transfer your subscription to the Nozbe app. The expiration date will be automatically set in Nozbe and reduced to seven days in Nozbe Personal. After seven days, you will still maintain access to your data in Nozbe Personal in read mode.

    Please note that transferring funds cannot be undone.

  • What happens if I already have an account in Nozbe?

    We will automatically create a second team for you with the imported data. You can then move any existing items to Nozbe and remove one of the additional teams or keep using both.
  • Who can start the migration process?

    The process can be initiated by either a team admin with an active Premium subscription or by the team owner within a trial or free account.
  • Can I migrate an account more than once?

    No, you can only migrate the same account one time. However, you can import separate projects inside the Nozbe app.

    If you want to complete a full migration again, you will need to contact our Customer Support.

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