Get stuff done from anywhere!

Get tasks done and provide feedback to your team using one app.
From anywhere – even a plane.

Nozbe works like a charm on devices of any shape and size and is just as easy to use as a team communication tool – but way more organized.

Fast and efficient communication

Without the mess and noise

Many small teams and businesses are using popular chat apps and communicators to take care of their everyday to-dos. It seems like a good idea at first, but with each new project, customer, and issue that needs to be discussed, things get lost.

Once things get lost, you waste precious time trying to find your tasks and stay in the know of what your teammates are doing. Not to mention the constant buzz of notifications and FOMO you have to endure.

That’s why your productivity decreases.

…And that’s what Nozbe can easily fix.
fast team communication
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Like a popular communicator...

Just much better organized!

easy to use

Easy to set up and use

If you know how to use WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, or Messenger, you’ll get the hang of Nozbe.

Set up your team and invite others to it. Then, create your first projects and populate them with tasks. Delegate tasks to the appropriate team members and watch them work!
organized communication

Organized communication via task comments

In Nozbe, the communication happens via comment threads that are attached to tasks. Everything is structured and easy to look up.

You can enrich your comments with attachments, checklists, @mentions, and links to related tasks, as well as give reactions to others’ comments.
deep work

Deep work with less unwanted notifications

Nozbe allows you to focus on your work. All of the tasks that need your attention – the ones that are due, delegated to you, or you were @mentioned in – will show up in your Incoming.

With open projects, you have access to all of the team’s to-dos, but it’s up to you which projects you want to follow closely.
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Make your work flow

Thanks to task-based communication

Nozbe helps your team achieve greatness by establishing task-based communication. It is based on a simple structure:

Projects -> Tasks -> Comments -> DONE

All communication happens via comments to tasks that are neatly organized in their appropriate projects. No need for meetings, follow-ups, or clarifying details via chats or phone.
All information is securely stored in your Nozbe, so your work is easy to look up and collaborate on.

Your whole team will instantly get the hang of it!

Read more about task-based communication →
Fast task-based communication
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A powerful mobile app

Without compromise

Most leading project and task management apps offer loads of features in their desktop and web clients, but their mobile apps offer a poor experience. What’s worse, some of them are even put behind a paywall.

We believe that work is mobile. That’s why our mobile app is full-fledged, built mobile-first, and available to all Nozbe users – even if you own a Free account.

Nozbe for iOS and Android are the most powerful productivity apps on the market. We want to help you achieve greatness everywhere – even on the go.
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    All the features you know and love

    In a compact form

    Nozbe on iOS and Android offers an almost identical interface and set of features to the web and desktop versions. The mobile apps have been carefully designed so that they are easier to navigate and use on smaller screens.

    We’ve achieved a perfect balance between the mobile and the desktop experience, so you’ll never have to say, ‘I’ll do it later on the computer.'

    We’re sure that you’ll love Nozbe on any device!
    use Nozbe on any device - mobile first
    optimized for the mobile experience

    Optimized for the mobile experience

    Unique features and unmatched speed

    By building Nozbe with a mobile-first approach in mind, we’re sure that we’re giving you the best experience on the market.

    Widgets, share sheets, keyboard shortcuts, gestures, personalization… Our mobile apps have it all! And we continue to add more mobile-exclusive features.

    Lots of projects and tasks? No problem – our apps still load super-fast!

    Reminders and notifications

    That do not disturb

    We want you to focus on deep, undisturbed work at most times. The less interruptions you face, the more productive you are.

    That’s why we’ve optimized the notifications for your best experience. You’ll be notified about the most important stuff only. When a task shows up in your Incoming, we’ll send you a push notification. You can also set up additional reminders for tasks that you don’t want to forget about!

    And if you’d like to see what your team has been up to in the projects you follow, you can see all updates in Activity.
    reminders and notifications
    app that works offline

    An app that works offline

    On a train, plane, and in the middle of nowhere

    Productivity apps should be ready to use all of the time, whether you’re connected to the Internet or not.

    That’s why our mobile apps also work offline. They work equally fast in all circumstances and will allow you to get stuff done even when you’re on a flight or underground.

    All changes will be saved locally on your device and will synchronize with our servers instantly once your Internet connection is back.
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