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Monday, May 16

Quick rehash of FRESH system handled in Nozbe

If you follow the Nozbe blog or newsletter closely, you might have seen my article discussing how I use Nozbe to implement the FRESH approach (from the book, “The Accidental Creative” by Todd Henry). I’ll spare you and not completely rehash the entire approach, but one aspect of FRESH that is very important is the “F,” which stands for “Focus.” As we all know, a very important part of being productive and creative is lazer focus. Not only do you get a lot more done when you fully concentrate on the essential few, but you also use your energy and brainpower much more efficiently.

Fresh system

Since I wrote my previous post for Nozbe, I’ve been continuing to tweak and refine my FRESH Nozbe system, and I recently had a breakthrough after reading Brian Talty’s post on using “organizing headers” in Nozbe. At first, I played around with Brian’s method for a few days, but I continued to tweak it in a slightly different direction. Eventually, I came up with the idea of creating “time block” categories.

Thursday, May 12

Last chance to claim your 3 bonus months of Nozbe

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Last chance!

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I love Nozbe. Intuitive interface, clear tracking tools and a great way to share tasks with my team! - C.

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Nozbe Pro or Business?

Now that we've introduced Nozbe Business, people have been asking us what the difference is between these two plans.

Choose Nozbe Pro if you want to use Nozbe on your own or with a small team. Get Nozbe Business if you want to communicate through tasks with a team of more than 10 people. You'll receive VIP support and additional features like project roles.

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Tuesday, May 10

How Piotr Rubik, a Polish musician, uses Nozbe to manage his professional career

Do you ever wonder how celebrities manage their lives? Can an application like Nozbe help them stay organized? We have an answer: of course it can! We have a special guest today to tell you more about it. Piotr Rubik, a composer and musician, explains why he loves Nozbe and how he uses it when working with his creative team.

Please, mind that the video is in Polish but you can easily turn the subtitles on. Just use the "CC" button in the bottom right corner of the Youtube window to activate the subtitles and then click on the Youtube settings ("gear") icon in order to choose your preferred subtitles language.


About Piotr

Piotr Rubik is a Polish composer of symphonic, pop, movie and theater music. He started his musical education when he was seven. These days his songs are known by most Poles and he’s recognized both in Poland and worldwide. We had the chance to speak with him just before his concert tour in the USA and Canada.

We asked Piotr about his job as a composer and conductor. Of course, we focused our discussion on which tools he uses to organize his everyday life.

Artist's problems

It's really interesting to see how some people from the artistic community struggle to stay organized and use technology to help them out. That's why in the future, we're going to publish more Nozbe tutorials that show you how to use the app in different professional situations. We'll be looking out for cool use cases to share with you.

Share your experiences

We’d love to know about how you got started using Nozbe. Was is difficult to start managing your time and projects on the mobile application? What tools did you use before?

Monday, May 9

Join our free productivity Webinar and get the most out of Nozbe

Update: Today's webinar (Tuesday, May 10) is already booked, but due to popular demand we've added two different times on Thursday, May 12, so make sure to sign up free today, because the seats go out fast!

As we're getting closer to the end of our special Nozbe offer (it ends this Friday!), where we give you 3 bonus months of Nozbe, many people have been asking me this simple question: "Michael, I'm already a Nozbe user but I need some more guidance. Can you help me get started with designing my productivity system properly?"

Join my Webinar

Of course I can. I'd be happy to do it. Just sign up for my Webinar:

"How to get control of your tasks, projects, goals and life in 10 steps"

Friday, May 6

How to set better goals with Nozbe 3.1

We just launched Nozbe 3.1 with lots of features and improvements, and today I'd like to focus on 3 changes that will help you move your 2016 goals forward and get them done!

3 benefits of Nozbe 3.1

Before we start, let me remind you about our limited-time offer: if you upgrade or extend your Nozbe Pro or Business account now, you'll get three more months added to your subscription for free. Act today!

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Wednesday, May 4

Claim your 3 BONUS MONTHS of Nozbe in May!

Wow, we’re already four months into 2016! Time flies and most of the people I talk to have already abandoned their "New Year's Resolutions.” But I keep telling them that it's not too late! We still have eight months to make this year our best ever. That's why you can get:

Claim your 3 months of Nozbe

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With Nozbe you'll be able to track your progress by creating a project for each of your goals using tasks as steps to get you there! The decision is yours, but with this offer you'll have your productivity system set for this year and the next!

Make this year count with Nozbe 3.1!

Last year we created a special video with a step-by-step guide to goal setting in Nozbe. Now with our just-released Nozbe 3.1, this video is even more relevant, because we have included much-awaited features required for goal setting like pinning comments, cloning tasks and sharing them on social media for peer support.

Watch Nozbe’s Goal Setting video

Our team is already busy working on Nozbe 3.2 with more improvements and tweaks based on your feedback. We're working hard on releasing an updated version of Nozbe every 6-8 weeks and you'll always have access to the latest and greatest version of your favorite productivity tool as long as you're a customer. Now is the best time to upgrade to Nozbe Pro or extend your subscription because we'll give you 3 bonus months if you choose a yearly plan.

I'm sure 2016 will be your best year ever!

- Michael Sliwinski, CEO of Nozbe

P.S. May the productivity force be with you! As huge Star Wars fans we decided to start this promo today, on May the 4th, the official "Star Wars Day,” because we want you to really get all the force you need to make this year count. It's not too late. This year will be your best ever. And hopefully Nozbe will be able to help you at least a little with that. Use the force... and Nozbe! :-)

Monday, May 2

7 things you might not know about Nozbe

It's awkward to admit, but can you imagine that even the Nozbe team members are not aware of how amazing our app is?

7 tricks

Sometimes, during a random discussion someone mentions a Nozbe feature he or she uses on a daily basis... and it is like: Eureka! Reinvention of the wheel! It turns out that one of us - perhaps due to using Nozbe on a different platform or applying a totally different work mode - didn't realize such a possibility existed!

To save you that creepy feeling you get after learning something obvious and brilliant about the tool you have used for quite a while now, we've prepared the following blog entry. Check it out, maybe there are ideas you don't know and that you could use to optimize your actions.

Friday, April 29

Nozbe 3.1 – the most powerful Nozbe version ever

This week, we released Nozbe 3.1 on all supported platforms. We’re very excited to see how our new features will help you and your team get more done! :) As always, full release notes are available on our test blog. Below you can read some highlights of the most important features in Nozbe 3.1.

Główna Grafika posta

Be even more productive with new comment options in Nozbe!

In Nozbe 3.1, you can pin important comments so that they’re always visible on the top of a task's comments section. You can pin one comment in each task. Just use the button with three dots in the top right corner of the comment area and select the "Pin/Unpin" option. As with normal comments, pinned comments can be seen by everyone in a project.

Comments Options Image

There are a few other new options for comments in Nozbe:

  • Create a new task with a particular comment. You can now choose a comment and convert it into a new task that will appear in the same project with the chosen comment as both the name and the first comment.
  • Share the comment contents (plain text) to other apps. On our desktop apps, you have the "Copy to clipboard" option instead.
  • Edit the initial description for an attachment.

New task options

Task Options Image

Nozbe tasks also got a productivity boost thanks to several new options:

  • Have you ever struggled with creating very similar tasks, each assigned to different people? Now, in Nozbe 3.1, you can create one task, set parameters, add comments and clone it as many times as you need. Just go to the button with three dots in the bottom right corner of the task details and select the "Clone" option.
  • We've also moved the "Convert task to project" option to the new “More” menu (button with three dots).
  • On Android and iOS, you can share the task's name to other apps and your affiliate link will be automatically attached.

Android interactive notifications

Android notifications Image

In Nozbe 3.1 for Android, we have enabled some actions that you can take directly from the notifications view, so that you can:

  • Accept or reject project invitations.
  • Mark tasks as priority when someone mentions your name in a task comment.
  • Mark tasks as completed when someone delegates you a task.

You can download Nozbe 3.1 for Android in Google Play. If you like our app, please take a moment and leave us a review in Google Play.

Productive and secure logins on iOS and keyboard assistant on iPad

Nozbe 3.1 also offers some cool new features to iOS users:

iOS features image

  • With iCloud Keychain and 1Password integration, logging into your Nozbe account has never been easier and more secure.
  • The iPad keyboard assistant has a direction arrow, hashtag key and priority switch.

Nozbe 3.1 for iOS is available in the App Store. If you like Nozbe, please take a moment and leave us a review.

written by Rafał – Nozbe VP Product

Tuesday, April 26

We are celebrating Koningsdag!

Tomorrow all Dutch people will celebrate Koningsdag - King's Day. Their streets, clothes, and faces will turn orange. We want to show how much we love our users from Netherlands, so we're sending our best orange wishes!

Koningsdag - Rafał

Friday, March 25

Easter and spring wishes - the new is coming

We love festivities we get to spend with our loved ones in the friendly atmosphere of unity, thankfulness and trust.

May this Easter bring you all together for a great celebration filled with lots of joy, happiness and respect for each other.

Easter 2016

Easter is considered a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Everyone, depending on their views, might interpret it differently. No matter what your attitude is, let us wish you a wonderful time, joyful thoughts as well as a proper rest from daily life stress and busyness.

We hope you will find some time to think about what you have achieved so far and what opportunities and possibilities are still ahead. Use the power of spring and the Easter ambiance to plan some great changes and new (but S.M.A.R.T.! :-)) goals that correspond with your vision of the future and your other commitments.

See how you can improve your routines and methods to create more space for your family and friends or the things you're excited about like sports, art, cooking or traveling.

Last but not least, good luck to those going for the Easter Egg Hunt :-) and all the best to the brave ones who are planning to decorate the Easter Eggs and prepare the food for the family/friends reunion :-)

P.S. You might want to check out a couple of Easter recipes that we've prepared:

Thursday, March 24

Ever wanted to start a blog?

For those who start writing, for the most part the act itself is not a problem at all. I started several blogs in the past and writing was never an issue.


What was then? Well, attracting the audience and keeping it.

And that is closely related to the way you write, the titles you formulate, the topics you choose, the regularity you post you articles with and of course - with a promo strategy you pursue.

Tuesday, March 22

Productive! Magazine #32 with Sean Platt - Stop with excuses

The new issue of Productive! Magazine is here. This edition features remarkable articles that will help you change the way you see and do thing. Your efficiency is about to rocket!

Productive! Magazine #32

Inside No.32: interview with Sean Platt, probably the most prolific author in the world :-) and articles on focus ritual, anti-procrastination habits, broken windows, “just this once” syndrome and increasing your writing productivity.

Monday, March 21

Taking up race driving… with Nozbe

People have different hobbies. One like to knit, another to paint and yet someone else, like me, loves mechanics and his/her car. Last year, I made my huge car dream come true - Mazda Rx-8. 12 years since the premier they are still not what you would call cheap. But once you decide for a car like that costs are unavoidable. It is iconic not only because it is one of very few run by a Wankle engine but also for the timeless design of the body and it's fascinating driving properties.

Should you look for a car that offers pure fun of driving curvy roads… that's the one you should consider.

My ReX

Friday, March 18

How to combine full-time work with freelancing and not burn out or go mad

I started out my QA (Quality Assurance) career working full-time. After 2 years, I tried a freelance remote job. A constantly changing client base and the lack of financial security was rough and difficult compared to a stable full-time contract.

Multitasking is not a solution

But I did it - I went freelance and was testing software for many clients. Along with a high volume of work, a need of uber-productivity and perfect time management kicked in. I started to look for the best solutions, and soon I found Nozbe... First, as my top productivity tool and then also as an employer who hired me as a full-time QA person.

Wednesday, March 16

Meet Nozbe users - Brian Talty and his organizing headers

We can learn a lot from specific, real-life use cases. Check out how Brian negotiates with himself using task headers.

Brian Talty

Meet Brian

I am a Christian Pastor at First Christian Church in Decatur, IL.

My journey with task management began with Stephen Covey’s “7 habits of highly effective people” in college; and then was further honed by David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” several years ago.