Monday, June 29

Nozbe Affiliate Program - help others get more productive & earn extra money for the stuff you love

Nozbe has always grown via word-of-mouth spread among friends and colleagues. Our affiliate program has been running almost as long as Nozbe itself. Many users have taken advantage of it and earned additional income.


When you become an affiliate and how it works?

As described at our help page and also in your account Settings, you become an affiliate automatically once you create your Nozbe account. After you set up your nickname, your individual link gets personalized. Starting at this point, you are able to recommend Nozbe by providing your link to invitees.

Their account will get then automatically added to your statistics and once they pay their subscription, you start earning extra money. It is that easy! But there's more!

Friday, June 26

Nozbe for Android - speed, widgets and even more to come!

Hello Android users! We need to talk. Some of you might feel a bit left out due to our latest Nozbe for Watch release and other tight Nozbe iOS integrations which we recently launched. I get that. But it doesn't mean that we don't love our Android users! We do! To prove it to you we decided to get back to work and deliver some exciting new features which will change the way you use Nozbe on you Android device.

Android Love

Android widget

We heard you loud and clear - Android users need to have Nozbe widget that looks and works great. For the last couple of weeks, we've been working very hard on exactly that - Android widget that saves time and thus helps you be more productive. Just take a look:

Wednesday, June 17

Passionate entrepreneurship and claiming back our lives - Productive! Magazine #29

29th edition of Productive! Magazine is here. This issue is a powerful one, so make sure you read it as soon as you've got a minute or two :) You will learn how to deal with difficult people, gain up to 40% of your workday and claim back your life. We also welcome you to read the interview with Simon Grabowski from GetResponse (leading email marketing tool) about the journey from a one-man shop to managing a great international company and running a marathon... at the North Pole.


No excuses accepted

We make sure everyone can read Productive! Magazine - on-line and off-line, at a desk and on the go. It is available on the web at and as an app for your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile device. If you choose the app, get it free from the App Store or Google Play and download the latest issue. Ready?

Inside No.29

Interview with Simon Grabowski, the founder and the CEO of GetResponse.

"Optimization would probably be my second name :) Because I love doing that, and, you know, sometimes it can be a little bit frustrating for those around me..."

Preston Ni, a professor, coach, and trainer shares 6 key ways of dealing with difficult people.

Monday, June 15

Possible Nozbe Tour


This summer, our long-time customer care officer and creator of that department - Delfina - is going to be visiting Denver, Colorado, USA. This has sprung a thought in our minds that maybe we should arrange for some US Nozbe mini-tour.

The origin of idea

We have been for quite a while pondering on how to more personally assist our users in the USA. Her trip provides a perfect opportunity for it, in our opinion. There are already some parties that expressed interest in having her over for a training workshop.

Why not take this further?

Having this feedback, we started wondering if we should not take it further. Perhaps, should there be enough of interest, arrange for an event? Somewhat similar to the events we had at Tokyo Apple Store in the past.

Anyone up for that?

So, is anyone up for that? If so please contact us and we'll either arrange for an event or for training workshop with her.

Friday, June 12

What it means to be noticed - Nozbe as "best new app" in the AppStore

Today our Nozbe designer Radek noticed we were placed on Apple's App Store front page on iOS (both iPhone and iPad) as one of the "best new apps". Wow. We've been on the App Store for the last five years and I never remember Apple singling us out like this. It's only on the App Store in Poland as far as I know but it's great anyway! While I'm very happy about it and my team is ecstatic as they deserved such recognition, I'd like to share my "bigger picture" about it here:

What it means to be noticed - Nozbe

Being recognized by Apple is nice. But by customers it's better!

Yes, it's nice to see your work being recognized by a big player like Apple. Especially after seeing that they usually recognize our competitors who are not really better than us...