A really easy productivity exercise – will you try it?


What gets you closer to your goals – to what you want to achieve or to the kind of person you want to become?

March into spring with our productivity offer: 3 BONUS months of Nozbe


Spring has finally arrived, and it’s the best time to spring clean your quarterly goals! To help you do this, we have decided to run a time-limited Spring Cleaning offer:

Just extend your current Nozbe plan or upgrade to the new Nozbe Solo, Duo, Small Business or Business account for a full year, and you’ll get 3 extra months of Nozbe and bonus resources.

Ask Michael S04E07: Project privacy in Nozbe


Your projects are yours by default - always! In today’s episode, Michael casts all doubts away about the privacy of projects in Nozbe in different scenarios.

Webinar: A Checklist for the Most Productive Spring Cleaning


It’s been almost 3 months since you set up your goals and created the action plan for 2018. Are you sure all your strategies are working out? Don’t your tasks, projects and decisions need a detailed review?

Food for thought: 10 foods to snack on for increased productivity


If you read my first article of the food series, you already know that eating well can have a huge impact on our effectiveness at work. Not only does a healthy and balanced diet keep you fit, it also helps you be more productive and more energetic throughout the day.

Ask Michael S04E06: Ambassadors


Nozbe Ambassadors share not only their affiliate link, but – most importantly – their experience and know-how in order to make others more productive with Nozbe. They can help you, too!

9 facts and myths about remote work

Nozbe As you may already know, here at Nozbe we all work remotely, allowing our team members to work from their homes, favourite cafés, and even different countries. Remote work has become increasingly popular among companies from all around the world, but there are still a lot of false beliefs about this work model. Curious to see if you can tell the myths from the facts? Let’s find out! Remote workers earn less.

Ask Michael S04E05: Mind Mapping


There are so many things you can do with mind maps! If traditional notes with bullet points are not enough for you to brainstorm efficiently, mind mapping may become your life saver.

Ask Michael S04E04: Offline


With Nozbe, you’re not dependent on Wi-Fi. Your tasks are always with you, as long as you have a device with some charge. Does this feature really matter? Oh, yes, it does!

How to Cope with Unexpected Delays.


Waiting at your desk for your computer to boot up or for a website to load is usually only nominally frustrating because you’re relatively in control – plus, you have things with which to occupy yourself. Similarly, waiting at either your home or office for someone to arrive affords you the opportunity to take care of other tasks, although you still might feel slightly imposed upon.