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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Adding to Nozbe - the best tips from Michele Wiedemer

Here comes another guest post on our blog. This time a fantastic Nozbe user, Michele Wiedemer of Virtual Customer Learning shares her top methods for adding tasks to Nozbe. See whether you know all the options she describes :-)

My name is Michele Wiedemer. I've been freelancing for over 10 years (as a technical writer, tutorial video developer, instructional designer, and eLearning developer), and during that time, I've tried several different systems and methods of keeping track of tasks in multiple projects. I found Nozbe a little over a year ago, and I can barely remember the crazy hectic way I used to manage my projects. Though I had been incrementally implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology since I first read the book in about 2006, it wasn't until Nozbe came into my life that GTD really started clicking for me.


Simple and stress-free

Nozbe supports every phase of the Getting Things Done methodology, but the collection phase is the one that has simplified and de-stressed my life the most. Knowing I can trust Nozbe to hold on to my tasks until I'm ready to clarify, organize, reflect and execute them, I have implemented collecting tasks into Nozbe using many different methods. I love that there are so many different options for adding tasks.

Directly into Nozbe

When I am working on and thinking about a project, it is the natural time to add more tasks for that project. In my case, this is the only situation for which I add tasks to the related project instead of sending it to the Inbox, because I prefer to clarify and reflect on tasks when I am thinking about the project, rather than when I am collecting the tasks. I love that you can add the item either to the top of the list, the bottom of the list, or even rearrange the list once you've added an item.

adding to Nozbe

Directly in iPhone app

One of the easiest ways to capture a random thought as a task (while on a walk or out and about) is using my iPhone. Look how easy it is to add a task without any typing.

  1. Open the Nozbe app to the Inbox.
  2. Tap "+" button
  3. Tap a microphone button (left of the Space bar).
  4. Say the task.
  5. Tap DONE.
  6. Tap Next.

...And my task has been entered in seconds. (It takes me longer to describe how to do it than to actually do it! :-)) The walk has usually cleared my mind to think of tons of things at once, so it's good I can get each idea into my trusted system quickly before I forget.

Using iPhone Share Sheet (Safari and other enabled apps)

Another way my iPhone helps me collect tasks is using the Share button available in Safari and some other apps. Again, maybe I'm reading a newsletter with lots of articles, or a message from one of my freelancing sites with projects for which I want to apply. Here are the steps for adding a task in this way.

1) Open the link in Safari or the app.

2) Tap the Share icon at the bottom.

Share icon

3) Tap the Nozbe icon.

Choose Nozbe

4) Edit or add to the task name that is automatically generated from the Page Title.


5) At the bottom of the Add to Nozbe popup, you have the option to add one or more attributes if desired (Priority, Project, date, recurrence, Time, and Categories are all available). I usually clarify and organize the task later when I'm thinking about the project it goes with, instead of using this feature, but it’s nice that it’s there.


6) Tap Post.


Have you set up Nozbe to receive emailed tasks yet? This may be the most common method of adding tasks for me. Working with a number of different clients, I sometimes can have things coming at me fast and furious. It helps me keep my mind clear to not have lots of clutter in my email Inbox. So instead, as soon as I get something via email that represents (or could represent) one or more tasks, I email it to my secret Nozbe email address. If I need to store it as well, I also send it to Evernote. Then I delete it from my email to keep the email inbox manageable. I can worry about putting the task into the right project or category or converting it to a project later. Though you can do those at the moment of sending the task to Nozbe, I find that slows me down too much and I'd rather clarify, organize, and reflect on those tasks as a separate process.


As you may be able to tell from the Email above, I use Evernote for storing reference material. I've tried using Evernote for tasks and I've tried using Nozbe for storage. For me, it works best to keep them separate. But sometimes I have reference material to which I've attached a reminder date. Once you connect Nozbe and Evernote, lots of amazing things happen. For these notes with reminders, they show up as tasks for the reminder date.

Chrome Extension

When I'm researching or just browsing the web, the Chrome extension is a great way to get something into my Nozbe Inbox. Sometimes an email newsletter will have several article links on which I want to take an action. I can open each link, and use the Chrome extension to add a task to Nozbe. The link is automatically added as a comment, so I don't have to remember or worry about entering the link correctly. Then I can move on to the next task without getting bogged down in reading each article until I am ready.

Nozbe Chrome Extension

Editor's note: Please, mind that the Chrome extention is an external product created by Marcus Platt which hasn't been updated for years. We get emails saying that it doesn't always work correctly. We cannot take responsibility for any issues you might have here.

Final word

With all of these methods of adding tasks to Nozbe, and my preference for clarifying and organizing later, my Nozbe Inbox fills up every day. That's ok. I schedule time to take a look at what's there and think about what I really need to do next with it while I organize it into the proper project, perhaps give it a deadline and time required, and add comments, give one of more categories (sometimes) and add a recurrence, if appropriate. I try to clear out my Nozbe Inbox most every day (or at least once a week) and don't worry about the tasks until I am in the proper context to work on each project.

Michele Wiedemer is a Customer Education Consultant with her company, Virtual Customer Learning. Read more about educating customers for success on her Train Your Customer! Blog.

Thursday, May 25

How do I use Nozbe to stay on top of everything - by Robby Miles

This is a guest post we got from Robby Miles - our Ambassador, productivity guru and a really good man :-) Read on if you want to learn about the advantages of flat project management, emailing tasks and using project templates.

My name is Robby Miles and I am a dad, history teacher, Army officer, online freelancer, and Nozbe Ambassador. I probably have too much going on , but Nozbe is the one tool I trust to keep all the different areas of my life organized. So how do I use Nozbe to stay on top of everything?

Robby Miles Nozbe

Project Labels

I’m thankful that Nozbe uses a “flat” project system when it comes to staying aware of all the different tasks I have floating around. Flat project management means there are no tasks hidden deep within sub-tasks, within tasks, within projects, within folders. You get the point. Everything is visible within a couple clicks. In many apps, it’s easy to lose tasks. Not so with Nozbe.

Monday, May 22

Ask Michael S02E07: Reference materials

You have a choice: do you store your reference files and notes in dedicated apps or directly in Nozbe?

Ask Michael 2 ep. 7 cover

In Michael's book “No Office Apps” he described exactly how we – the Nozbe team – store our files and notes. In today's video, he shares his favorite way to handle reference materials.

The good news is, for current work and communication, you don't need an additional service – you can store and share files with your team within Nozbe. We do this a lot, like when we send individual files to our collaborators.

Watch now to discover the best ways to keep track of your reference materials:


What apps or services do you use to store files and notes? Is Nozbe all you need? Leave a comment below!

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“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Friday, May 19

Watch our latest webinar recording!

We were blown away by how many people signed up and attended our live webinar. It went so well that we decided to share the recording with you. We hope it will help you "spring clean" your productivity powers and the tips and tricks will give you what it takes to achieve all of your goals this year and beyond!

Watch the recording of our LIVE webinar: "Maximize Your TEAM Productivity in 10 Steps"


Wednesday, May 17

3 best templates of the month: GTD, weekly review and killer party

This month we have 3 project templates that will save you some time and energy. Check out these editable projects that are pre-populated with tasks and use them when you want to throw a party, do a weekly review or start applying Getting Things Done® methodology.

Use project templates. Don’t work more, work smarter! Templates May

GTD for beginners

If you are just about to start your journey to productive and stress-free life this template is for you. We gathered the key information on GTD methodology to encourage you to read the book by David Allen and follow his concept. Getting Things Done® is a practical system for coping with all the “stuff” in your personal and professional life. It's all about capturing, transforming these things into meaningful projects and tasks and doing regular reviews. GTD will not actually do these actions for you but will assists you in becoming more productive and achieving peace of mind.

Where to start with GTD®:

Weekly review - step-by-step

Another fantastic weekly review checklist: This time Mark Boerger shows how he runs his weekly review step-by-step.

If you want, you might check out other templates related to weekly review on our website. There is one by Mike St. Pierre, one by Chad Garret and another Weekly review template by Eric Stetler.

Remember to run your weekly review regularly:

House party checklist

This is a very simple and basic list of steps for organizing a party. Do you feel like seeing your friends or family sometimes but give the idea up thinking: this is too much of a hassle... We think this template can be super-handy - just follow the steps and spend time with people you like :-)

You might also want to check out Delfina's guidelines for a perfect Thanksgiving Party:

Throw a party people won't want to leave:

Share your experience too!

As a Nozbe user you can create fantastic project templates and share them with others. Optimize your productivity, help your friends and show us how you use Nozbe by sharing your template with a #NozbeHOW tag on social media or on your website. We will be happy to feature it on our blog!

Tuesday, May 16

Special video for our 10th anniversary

As you probably know, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Nozbe this year. On this occasion we're thrilled to show you how great YOU are :)

It was a demanding decade. As you can read in one of our previous blog posts, the early stage of Nozbe was a pretty difficult time as Michael (the CEO and Founder) worked on Nozbe as a side project - in the evenings, right after finishing his day job.

Time passed and here we are - a 10-year-old company, with strong foundations, a superb team of productive people who love our #NoOffice work style and fantastic users all over the world. And this post is dedicated to them. To YOU!

We are so proud that thousands upon thousands of people launch Nozbe every morning to check in on their life goals, their daily to-do list and the projects that drive them to have a successful life.


We’re sending a big "thank you" with this clip.

Here’s to the productive ones :) #EveryTaskMatters

Monday, May 15

Ask Michael S02E06: Someday/maybe

Don't throw out any new ideas. When the time is right, some of them may grow up.

Ask Michael 2 ep. 6 cover

If you read Michael's blog or listen to his podcast, you know that he is a huge fan of Greg McKeown's “Essentialism.” It influences the way he manages the company, makes decisions, and chooses his next actions. It can be summarized in one sentence: do less, but better.

At the same time, his mind produces lots of ideas. More than he can put into action. That's why his ideas need their own home. In Nozbe, of course.

Watch now to see how Michael deals with new ideas and reviews them:


How do you find these tips? Are you going to follow them? Leave a comment below!

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“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Friday, May 12

WEBINAR REMINDER: Join us next Thursday, May 18: Maximize Your TEAM Productivity in 10 Steps

Join us next week on our free webinar and maximize your team productivity in 10 easy steps!


This month the Nozbe team and I are going to focus on 10 practical productivity tips for boosting your TEAM productivity. If you want to learn new ways to use Nozbe with your team that will help you get even more done, this webinar is for you!

Sign up for my FREE webinar

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Only 500 seats are available so make sure to book yours!

Goran Kasun: "Nozbe is the best thing that has happened to me in years. Now that I found what I need, maybe I’ll finally get some work done since I can stop looking for the right app :-)"

Want to join Goran and other Nozbe users and discuss our latest productivity tips and tricks?

See you there!

Thursday, May 11

Part 3 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - Inviting to a team vs. inviting to a project - what's the difference?

This month in our FAQ series we're tackling invitations to teams and to projects in Nozbe. As you know, when you purchase Nozbe PRO, you get a second account for your colleague or partner for free. We always encourage you to invite people to your team and share projects with them because we believe that collaboration is more effective than doing everything alone.


Many of you are considering (or already) collaborating with others and we regularly receive questions about inviting to teams and projects.

Here's the most frequent one:

Tuesday, May 9

April episodes of "The Podcast" - a great variety of tips and opinions

The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael, (our CEO) and Radek, (Nozbe VP Apple) about the things they're interested in. They talk about books, insights, business, productivity, technology, and whatever else comes to mind, really.

The Podcast - April 2017

94 - Insanely Simple

Today's topic: simplicity concepts in our day-to-day communication with other people, inspired by a book on Steve Jobs by Ken Segall - Insanely Simple. Michael tries to understand how to use empathy in a very productive way.

Simply listen to this episode

Monday, May 8

Ask Michael S02E05: Too many priorities

When your Priority list is bloated with tasks, it's time to find a better way to organize your next actions.

Ask Michael 2 ep. 5 cover

Hardly anyone can manage more than 30-40 priorities in one day or one work session. Most of us can really handle fewer tasks than that. Why, then, does the Priority list get longer and longer?

As productive people, we tend to be too optimistic about our capacity to get things done. On the other hand, we don't want to forget about important tasks. That's natural.

With Nozbe, you can do a few things to get rid of too-long lists and focus on the real next actions.

Watch now and learn how Michael manages his Priority list:


Do you like these tips? Or maybe you have your own method? Leave a comment below!

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“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Friday, May 5

Making the most of the project functionality of Nozbe

This is a fantastic guest post by Fokke Kooistra – a Nozbe user, a Dutch productivity guru and a coach. See what functions projects play in his personal way of using our app.

Fokke Kooistra

For many people, a project is a set of actions that will result in a desired outcome in one way or another. Projects can happen in business, but they’re also happening in your personal life. When we at Think Productive deliver workshops, helping participants create a list of projects is key for creating productive momentum.

But projects don't always have a positive vibe to them. Missed deadlines, blown budgets and stress are typical reactions you get if you ask people for words that they associate with the term 'Project.' A lot of Nozbe users that I talk to are sometimes stuck in that mindset for using the project functionality of Nozbe. They look at the Projects section in the same way that they experience projects in their own work and life. But there are a lot of other uses for the Projects section, and in this post I will outline a few smart uses that you can try.

Monday, May 1

Ask Michael S02E04: Nozbe for a single user

You’re never alone. But even if you don't want to share your tasks with anyone, you can still have a great productivity experience with Nozbe.

Ask Michael 2 ep. 4 cover

The very first releases of Nozbe weren’t intended to be used by teams. A spirit of individual work, focused on your very own stuff, is still at the core of Nozbe. Your projects are always private by default; Inbox and the Priority list are visible only to you.

So why does a Nozbe PRO plan include two accounts? We strongly believe that the full potential of effective work lies in collaboration through tasks. That said, you don’t need to invite another person to your team until you're ready :)

Watch now why it's still okay to use Nozbe as a single user:


What’s stopping you from inviting others to your Nozbe team? Leave a comment below!

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“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Tuesday, April 25

Visionary meets Strategic – how to use your strengths at work

An interview with Dominik Juszczyk, Gallup-Certified Strengths coach, who helps teams increase their productivity and efficiency.

Dominik Juszczyk

During our last Nozbe reunion you conducted a workshop for our team. It was all about our talents :-) The workshop was based on our results from the StrengthsFinder test created by the Gallup Strengths Center that we took beforehand. What are “talents” anyway?

Hearing the word “talent,” we usually think of someone who can sing, dance or do something different, unique. We think of them in terms of the popular “Got Talent” TV show. Working according to the talents and strengths-based development method, we use a different definition. A talent may be an ability to make quick decisions, adopt a cautious approach to a problem, analyze other people’s emotions, or talk to strangers. Each of these traits is a talent. The Gallup Organization’s official definition of a talent is an innate and recurring pattern of reaction, feeling and action.

Monday, April 24

Ask Michael S02E03: Keeping the Priority list on hand

On your desktop, on your mobile device, on Apple Watch. There are a few ways to always keep your Priorities on top.

Ask Michael 2 ep. 3 cover

Although Nozbe isn’t intended to organize tasks (it’s to get them done), some management is necessary to make sure things keep moving. When you’re trying to stay focused, keeping your Priority list available at the click of a button or a a quick shortcut is extremely useful.

Michael uses Nozbe's responsive user interface and additional screens to control his Priority workflow. You can also use Apple Watch and mobile widgets on Android and iOS.

Watch now to see Michael's tips in action:


What is your favorite way to stay up to date with your Priority list? Leave a comment below!

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Related resources:

“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

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