As you know, we’ve just rolled out Nozbe 2.1.8 with major speed improvements, Android widget and lots of great new features (if you have a smartphone where Nozbe felt slow, then… not anymore! You should totally get 2.1.8 for Android and read all about it.)

The latest Nozbe is already out for Android, Linux, Windows and Mac. We’re still waiting for Apple’s approval of the iOS version with much-improved Apple Watch support.

Inspiring productivity read and listen for this weekend?

Apart from the new Nozbe, we’ve also been working hard on some really inspiring things for you to listen and read. I believe that, as the Nozbe founder, my obligation to you is not only to bring you the best productivity tool on the market, but also to provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to get it all done.

For this weekend, I’ve got 2 (and completely free) amazing resources for you:

  1. Productive! Magazine No. 29 with Simon Grabowski and tips for claiming back your life and gaining up to 40% of your workday.

Get Productive! for Android or iPad and iPhone

  1. The Podcast - we’ve just published first 3 episodes of the new audio podcast with me, your Nozbe CEO and founder, and Radek, our VP of Apple Technologies. We talk about “technology, productivity tips, business, publishing, and whatever else comes to mind…”

It’s a thing for us, so please let me know what you think!

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