Grouping projects is one of the most vital and tricky aspects of day-to-day project and time management. Properly arranged groups can boost your productivity while a mess in the list can defeat the purpose of use of any system at all.


I guess everyone can imagine the most basic use thereof… simply create some, add them to projects and later on, filter by them. Yet, a second use that not so many are familiar with is… sub-projects.

Yes, you read it right… sub-projects. True, Nozbe does not have sub-projects. However, none said that you can’t turn your goal into a label; a complex task into a project and sub-tasks you had in mind - into actual tasks.

Two things to remember:

  1. You can filter by a label narrowing your list of projects only to those with that given one.

  2. You can have more than one label attached to a project (so it can indeed be grouped by a goal + something else)

    I for instance, have some fixed and unchangeable labels such as work, home, study, private. All my projects are grouped initially into those areas. Then, I have other sort of labels. Those are actual goals such as: affiliate, support and other - all for work; home related tend to be shopping, improvements; private - craft, travel.


I admit to having fun with them. Some users simply use them to replace the main areas… which in my case are: work, home, study and private….others use it like I do, to signal priority/importance of a project.

I can only imagine what other use cases might be… If you have an idea I invite you to share it in the comment ;-)

That’s fine… but how do I use all of this?

Principles of the label use are described at our Help Page. Colors on the other hand tend to be problematic… although they can be found at the Help Page as well.

Therefore, I will give you hear a bit of straight to point hints on it:


(1) Go to project list
(2) Select a project
(3) Access infobar
(4) Color selection tool with already opened panel


As many other options in Nozbe, labels and colors can be applied in different ways to your individual set up. The post is intended to spring some ideas and invite readers to share their uses in the comments.

Question: So, how do you use them?

- Delfina (VP Support)