In our Nozbe team we don’t want to limit ourselves to any platform and we are open to many operating systems available on the market. Some of us use Windows, some are on Macs while others prefer Linux. That’s why we came up with the idea to prepare Nozbe for this system. Check out one of our engineer’s short story how it all began…

Things are discovered by accidents :-)

Recently a lot of people have asked for Nozbe app on Linux. I was just testing the new version which supposed to help us prepare the app for Windows when I found there was an option that allowed me to generate the app for Linux as well. I gave it a try. It turned out Nozbe worked on Ubuntu right away! I was very happy and investigated it more, checked if everything worked fine, called Rafał our product manager, and …

… my initial optimism faded very fast when I faced two major technical problems. But all in all, together with Staszek we broke through the obstacles, prepared Nozbe beta version, and that’s how we were able to roll out the test version for Linux along with Nozbe 1.8.5 for Windows and OSX :-)

I have to say, now I use only native Nozbe app on my Linux and it works great! There is no difference between Nozbe on Linux and other systems. I took care of everything in order to create a stable app, similar to our native apps on Windows and Mac.

Linux is in beta version for the time being, but we plan to launch it on a regular basis. We hope you like the idea :-)

Since this is a test version if you spot any inconvenience, we will be glad to fix it. With your help Nozbe on Linux will get better and better!