Hello there, I’m Michael Sliwinski, founder and CEO of Nozbe and a father of 3 kids. Yes, my children are lucky because they have a mom and dad, that’s why with this short video I want to encourage you to send a unique gift this Christmas to the children who are not as fortunate and live in orphanages. Just please head over to ENEDUE.ORG and donate. Thank you!

The long story is that my friend Karol Zielinski, has been running this thing for 3 years now, where he’s been collecting money to buy gifts for the children in orphanages. This year is a little different because he wants to buy computer equipment for these kids and teach them programming skills.

Something that me, running a technology company, can only endorse.

And we did, we already paid a substantial donation and I’m hoping you’d help out with a small contribution yourself. 10 bucks? Maybe hundred? Please help Karol raise as much as possible so that he could buy lots of computer equipment for these kids!

I vouch for this cause because I know Karol personally and I know that all of the money he raises we’ll be spent on the stuff for the kids.

Again, just go to ENEDUE.ORG and please donate. Thanks!

written by Michael Sliwinski