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More passion coming in with Chris Brogan and Joost Wouters

As you know from one of the last chapters in my book, I love sharing my life with passionate people and I also get to do it through Productive! Magazine which we’re publishing for you, [[name]], our great Nozbe customer:

April: Issue #19 with Chris Brogan

I talked to Chris (best-selling author, editor and inspirational speaker) about us being “freaks” taking over the world and about his love for business, not for tools. He also reveals his professional plans:

“I am right on the verge of changing this a little bit. And this change I am about to make is dangerous. I don’t say that to add excitement to our interview. :)"

He also explains his “freakiness”:

“The stranger I became - the weirder I became - the more money I made. The more true I was to who I really was, the more I started making money."

May: Issue #20 with Joost Wouters

I also had a chance to sit down with Joost Wouters - the author of “The 15-minute inbox”. In the interview he says how to easily harness your inbox and what to do in order not to be a fire fighter… :)

“People are spending so much time in their inbox. It is like they are leading their teams with e-mail. They write so many e-mails that they can hardly find time to think or to be with their team."

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