Written by Rafal (Nozbe Product Manager)

Today I want to present you how Nozbe helps us provide great Customer Support to you - our users.

Nozbe is our “ticketing” system

Every email from a customer that requires some technical analysis is forwarded to one of our shared Nozbe projects. We have 3 main projects in Nozbe that serve this purpose:

  • Nozbe Support (bugs, problems with apps, etc.),
  • Payments (problems with payments, affiliates, etc.)
  • Feature Requests (how you guys think we should improve Nozbe for you)

Today I will show you how we manage the first group of issues in our main “Nozbe Support” project.

“Nozbe Support” project

Every task in this project is first reviewed by me. I am not a “Programming Ninja” like our developers but as a Product Manager I have some technical skills and in many cases I can come up with a solution or workaround for a reported issue. If no, thanks to rich comments feature in Nozbe, I can add a comment to the task with a feedback from my investigation and delegate task to one of our guys in the Development Team. They will know about this immediately thanks to notifications in Nozbe.

Sometimes we need more details…

…about the issue. To resolve it, I add a comment to the task asking our support team to email the customer for more details, etc. I delegate it to one of reps from our Support Team who created the issue and she asks a customer to provide additional information via mail. When user sends back an answer we use our magic trick that helps us add comments via email to an existing task and this is exactly what happens: an email is forwarded to Nozbe as a comment to the task.

We use Nozbe and we love it!

Yes, there are many ways to handle customer support but… we love Nozbe and we have realized by using Nozbe for managing our entire company, we get the benefits of having everything and everyone on board. Each time we use Nozbe we constantly improve our product and make it better for our users. Next week I will show you other insights of our workflow in Nozbe.

Question: Have you thought about using Nozbe for customer support? What do you think about our setup?