Hope you’re doing great and enjoying our latest Nozbe for Mac and Windows version 1.3 with “rich comments” - today I’d like to share with you a very inspiring read for the weekend and beyond.

As you know, I’m very passionate about personal and business productivity and that’s why years ago I started a Productive! Magazine - the first and only global magazine focused on productivity - distributed as a PDF and iPad app (and completely free of charge for you!)

I started it because I wanted to give you more than just a tool - I wanted to give you practical tips, tricks and the best pieces of advice I could find… and written by folks smarter than me :-)

Get your Free issues of the Productive Magazine

Go ahead and download issue #12 with Jason Womack (the bestselling author of “Your Best Just Got Better”) or get our latest issue #13 with Graham Allcott (the author of “How to become a productivity ninja?")

Issue #12 with Jason Womack Issue #13 with Graham Allcott

or simply get our Productive! Magazine iPad app

Productive! Magazine iPad app

And if you really like these magazine issues, make sure to get past issue directly from our site - I’m always making sure the content is timeless every time.

…one more thing… the new 2012 10-Step Productivity Course

Many of you have seen my old 2008 “10 Step Productivity Course” - and by many I’m saying a lot more than 100 thousand viewers on YouTube total.

Fast forward to today, I’m close to 6 years of running Nozbe with amazing success (thanks to you - my fantastic customer!), I’ve published 13 issues of the Productive! Magazine and close to 50 episodes of my Productive! Show and I’m more passionate about productivity than ever.

I’ve learned seriously a lot in these last years… and I decided it was time to update the course and release it again in a new format, with some great information and a lot more tips and tricks. The course will be released in November in a written format, as well as with an audio and video version. Each video of each step will be of ~ 6 minutes delivered by yours truly.

I encourage you to read the introduction to the course on my personal blog

Thanks again and have a great weekend…

… and a great Fall season (it will be great as we’ll be releasing a totally rewritten iPhone, iPad and Android apps… and a new web app for Nozbe… so stay tuned!)