Email is an integral part of our lives. Everyone uses it and many of us still try to treat emails as tasks. We leave emails “unread” in the Inbox to remind us we should do something with them. However, it’s important to decide which emails are truly actionable and which are not.

To make sure we make this distinction we always enabled you to send emails to Nozbe to convert emails to tasks - we also gave you an Apple script and a bookmarklet to make it even easier. But now we re-invented the email to Nozbe to make better use of our new rich comments. Watch this video:

Watch and comment on YouTube

Here’s the same video, without the music and with my explanatory voice over:

Watch and comment on YouTube

New domain

To email a task to Nozbe, simply email to: - you can set up your “nickname” and “pin” in the settings of our web app.

Use parameters with a “hash” - #

To add a task to a project, write #project_name - same applies to context, time needed and even task delegation if you’re sharing a project with someone.

Add attachments and they’ll be added as comments to your task

This is huge - now with rich comments you can email a file, image, document… and it’ll be added as a “comment” to the task.

Add several tasks at once with a “dot”

Just start with “.” - here’s an example of adding three tasks:

. my first task

. my second task

comment to this second task

. my third task

It’s that simple!

Again, just watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is now to add a task to Nozbe via email.

PS. Which video did you like better? The one with me talking or the one with the music? Please be honest which one you found more helpful! Thanks!