The first issue of Productive! Magazine was published in the Fall of 2008. It was the time when I was about to celebrate 2 years of running Nozbe, and I felt I wanted to give people not just a tool, but also an inspiration to get more organized, productive, and be happy about their lives.

Over the years we published 14 issues of the magazine and I managed to interview many great and productive people, such as: David Allen, Seth Godin, Jason Fried, and other overachievers…

Browsing 14 issues full of great content may be a little time-consuming, so we prepared a Special Issue for you. It is a compilation of the best nuggets of wisdom of the interviews with the productivity gurus featured in all the previous editions of the monthly.

In the Special Issue of Productive! Magazine you will learn how David Allen, the father of GTD, came up with the idea of his famous productivity system and how it has changed so many lives.

— Have you heard of efficiency versus effectiveness? — David Allen asks. — That is doing the right thing as opposed to doing the thing right. Everyone pooh poos the doing the thing right — “yeah but you want to be doing the right thing”? The truth is that process is harder to change and learn than your focus – he explains.

You will also find out how Guy Kawasaki and Jason Fried of 37Signals apply GTD principles in their work.

Read the Special Issue to learn how Seth Godin, Leo Babauta, Michael Hyatt or Laura Stack manage to keep the work-life balance and find more time for the things that bring happiness to their lives. Guess whose opinion is that?

– People never say “how do find time to have lunch or dinner?” or “how do you find time to sleep?” We are not talking of life-lunch balance. So I’m not sure I’m interested in conversation about life-work balance.

Be first to know what productivity experts and business gurus had been doing before the world heard of them.

– In one word, the answer is “nepotism” — Guy Kawasaki jokes. — My college roommate hired me into the Macintosh Division to work for him. Steve Jobs must have been out of the office that day because on paper I had neither the work nor educational background for the job.

Get access to productivity-related stories, tips and tricks and learn how to squeeze even more satisfaction out of you every day life.

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P.S. The issue #15 is coming next week! Stay tuned!