I’ve got a gift for you today. It’s completely free and it’ll give you productivity boost and inspiration you might just need: Productive! Magazine for iPhone and iPad.

Productive! Magazine is a by-product of my passion for productivity. I started preparing the magazine a few years ago for you, my dear Nozbe user, because I wanted to give you something more than just a tool - a great resource for inspiring and timeless articles that would get you motivated to be more productive and organized.

Today we’re re-launching the magazine

We published first issue in November 2008 and the last (#14) in December 2012. Starting this week you’ll receive a “Special Issue” of the magazine and later this month issue 15… followed by issue 16 in December and so on… every month now. To subscribe:

Meet the Productive! Magazine team

To make sure we can deliver a monthly dose of productivity to you, I assembled a great team for our publication. Magda is our executive editor, Radziu is our lead app developer (and he’s working hard now on porting our app to Android platform - both phones and tablets), Radek is our designer and Tomasz, Nozbe CTO is making sure the technology works and each issue is available instantly for download. Lori, Emily and James are our fantastic proof-readers.

Nozbe is the proud sponsor of the magazine

Your favorite productivity tool - Nozbe - is paying all the bills. You don’t have to be a Nozbe user to read the magazine - we want everyone to be able to access the goodies in each issue. Thanks to Nozbe’s support the magazine is free so make sure to share it with everyone!

All the past issues inside

Our team worked really hard to port all the past PDF issues to the new app format. This means all the great interviews with Seth Godin, Leo Babauta, Michael Hyatt, Jason Womack, Jason Fried, Michael Bungay Stanier, Guy Kawasaki and others are available for you at your fingertips. Each issue is very light (~5MB) so you can always quickly download a new issue of the magazine over your cellular connection.

And please make sure to share it with everyone! After all, it’s free!