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This issue’s motto is:

(…)productivity isn’t some kind of chore or a means to an end, it’s a beautiful learning experience in and of itself. (Graham Allcott, “Extreme Productivity: 10 key lessons from a human lab rat”.)

Scott Belsky on overcoming difficulties and obstacles

I met Scott (as well as Brian Tracy, who was featured in the previous issue of Productive! Magazine) at a conference in Finland. He is a great business leader, investor, and the author of the bestselling book Making Ideas Happen. Check out our interview as we talk about techniques that help inspire and motivate a team and about methods to overcome the resistance set up by bureaucracy, routine, and lack of motivation. You will also get to know what Scott thinks of e-mailing and company meetings.

Great articles

As always, our fantastic contributors prepared a whole set of articles for you. Susan Brennann, Tracy Parks, and Goncalo Gil Mata explore the techniques and good practices that will help you improve the way you work and manage your daily activities. James Tonn writes about weighing the pros and cons of caffeine on productivity, and Graham Allcott tells about the “extreme productivity experiments” he did last year. Laura Stack and {Augusto Pinaud]A shed some light on the way people want to do more stuff in less time and the consequences of this over-productivity trend.

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