… by The Podcast - a weekly conversation between Michael, (our CEO) and Radek, (Nozbe VP Apple.) Usually they talk about books, business, productivity, technology. Sometimes they discuss diet, sports and other topics. Some of their insights and tips could be mind-shifting for you. See what you missed in July:

106: Combined Twitter&Instagram Moment

Part 2 of the discussion on reducing the cognitive load of notifications, and loosening the grip of social media addiction. (For Part 1 - see below)

The Podcast hosts made some changes and simplifications since the last episode and they have some pro tips to share!

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105: Twitter detox

Discussion on distractions and addiction, and how that relates to software Michael and Radek use. They admit to have forgotten how to be bored for even 30 seconds, and to fill even the smallest slices of time by responding to notifications and with social media. Just so they can have our hit of dopamine…

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104: A Guide to the Good Life

Part 2 of a discussion of Stoicism and the book “A Guide to the Good Life”. Be sure to check Part 1 first (see below :-))

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103: Stoicism

Our hosts discuss “A Guide to the Good Life”, a modern, approachable introduction to Stoicism. A philosophy of life easy to dismiss as a boring piece of history not applicable to modern life, but in reality, a tremendously useful bag of psychological tricks that help you live a happier, calmer life.

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Some things are bad, but provide instant gratification. Some things are good, but don’t. If you want to create better habits, you have to create an environment where doing the right thing is as effortless as possible. You have to optimize and work around your monkey brain’s weaknesses.

(Why Radek signed up for a gym, strategies for making this stick, social running, weekly review as a habit, and morning routines.)

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