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The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael (our CEO) and Radek (Nozbe VP Apple.) In May and June, our hosts spoke about the life after 40, the courage to be disliked, and WWDC of course.

189: Dub dub

Live from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, we discuss our fresh reactions from Apple’s conference. New iPadOS, the cheese grater, Shortcuts and automation, Catalyst, and SwiftUI.

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188: Michael 4.0

Having reached his 40th birthday (and we, The Podcast, our fourth), Michael shares his best bits of wisdom: Finding what you’re good at, striving for longevity, knowing when to reinvent yourself, having fun, and nurturing friendships.

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187: Camino

Michael talks about what it’s like to walk a 260km pilgrimage over a week and a half, why he and his wife did it, how it can be a great experience even for non-religious people, how to pack for it, and why northern Spain is kinda nice.

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186: Courage to be disliked

📚 Discussing The Courage To Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. Giving autonomy to live their own lives, neither prasing nor rebuking, and finding happiness in being beneficial to people around us.

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Just follow your passion, right? … No.

Unless you’re already highly skilled at something you’re passionate about, following your passion will only drive you to be miserable. To get a great job you can feel passionate about, you must first have something rare and valuable to give. You must be so good they can’t ignore you.

A much better idea: Follow your curiosity.

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