Thank you so much for the great response to my “10-steps to Ultimate Productivity Course”. I’ve been blown away and decided to act quickly to give you even more!

“Introduction to Nozbe” Video Tutorial

Everyone who watched the course loved it, but many of you expressed a desire for a more in-depth Nozbe screencast where I’d literally walk you through Nozbe based on the 10-step course. You asked, I listened and here it is:

Watch and comment on YouTube

Hope you like it, if you do, please share it with your friends to show them how powerful Nozbe really can be :-)

But that’s not all! I’d like to update you on three things:

1. Nozbe’s 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course

2. Nozbe version 1.7 with increased Evernote and Dropbox support and many improvements.

3. 10 Step course in Japanese, German, Spanish and Polish coming next week!

Let’s go, this is very important:


10-Step #productivitycourse updates - thank you!

Thank you so much for your great support and kind words about Nozbe’s “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course”, we’ve been blown away by your response, here are a few quotes from Twitter:

@NikyDix: “Love learning about clearing my head & becoming more productive with @nozbe #productivitycourse”

TylerMcCart: “Check out @nozbe’s #productivitycourse. @MSliwinski does a great job explaining how to become and stay productive”

StephHovland: “Watched the @nozbe #productivitycourse last night. I need to get that weekly review going more consistently."

And there are many more… hope you’ll also tweet our course link with #productivitycourse hashtag and get a chance to win one year of Nozbe Family account.

We had some DNS problems past weekend, sorry for that!

Our DNS provider (service that redirects traffic to servers) failed us this past weekend and for a few brief moments over the course of the last weekend, for some users our servers were not accessible. If it affected you, we’re truly sorry.

Please head over to Nozbe’s Course site right now and watch the course - we’ve sorted the issues out and have taken steps to ensure this will never happen again.

Extended the #productivitycourse competition

This is why we decided to extend our competition until next Monday midnight, NY time - share the course with your friends and win a full year of Nozbe Family account!

Bonus point: If on top of that you blog about the course, send us an email with the link and you’ll double your chance of winning! We’ll also post links to all of the blog posts on our Nozbe blog!


Nozbe 1.7 for all the platforms: Mac, Windows, Android (phones and tablets), iPhone and iPad and the web.

We just released a new version of Nozbe, with fixes, improvements and overall better performance. We also improved Evernote and Dropbox support (with Evernote Notebooks support, as well). We’re preparing a new Evernote video tutorial to show you all that we’ve done. You’ll love using Evernote and Nozbe even more.

Important about the Evernote updates - we’re rolling them out over the weekend so you might not experience the improvements until Monday or Tuesday - please be patient as we want to make sure we get this one right!

Here are just a few highlights:

  • Swipe gestures in our mobile apps (iPhone & Android)
  • Evernote support for shared notebooks. Names of projects matching not only tags but also names of notebooks.
  • Evernote support speed improvements - close to real-time updates with Evernote thanks to their new API
  • The new web app can now be opened in various tabs with different projects
  • New contact form - just click on “?” to get in touch with our friendly customer support - all from within the app.
  • And much more! More fixes, more improvements and more enhancements based on your great feedback!

This update will come automatically to everyone using our web apps as well as the Mac, Android and iPhone and iPad apps - simply open the app and watch it sync, you’ll automatically be updated to 1.7 - go to “Settings” in the app to see the change to version 1.7.

Only Windows PC users need to download Nozbe 1.7 for Windows - we’re working on an auto-update mechanism for this platform as well.

You can always download our Nozbe 1.7 apps from our Nozbe apps page


I recorded the course in Polish, German, Spanish and (with the help of Zofia-san) in Japanese

Yes, our 10-Step to Ultimate Productivity Course will be available in four additional languages next week, if one of these languages is your native tongue, stay tuned - here’s a sneak peek:

Watch International 10-Step Course trailer (sneak peek)

What do you think? :-)

(Yes, I do speak fluently in these languages - except for Japanese - and I hope my accent won’t get in the way of the content I convey).

Thanks again for your support!

Again, you can help me spread the word about this course by sharing it among your friends:

… and you’ll not only learn a lot from the course, but you’ll get a chance to win a free yearly Nozbe Family account.

And enjoy the benefits of the new Nozbe 1.7 release, available on all the platforms today!

Have a great weekend and enjoy our 10-step course, tutorial and version 1.7!