About 5 years ago I recorded my first “Productivity Course” and it has been very popular on YouTube - more than 150,000 views to date! Last year I decided it was time to refresh the contents of the course and hire a professional video crew and share everything I’ve learned as far as my own productivity is concerned.

Introducing the all-new 2013 “10 Steps To Ultimate Productivity Course”

10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course

Watch the course and get a chance to win 1 year of Nozbe!

Now, I’d like to share with you how to get the course and most of all, how you can win a free year of Nozbe when you help us spread the word about the course.

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You can add your comment, share your favorite quote, or just let your friends learn good productivity techniques and principles!

10 lucky winners for 10 steps of the course

Next Wednesday, June 26, we’ll randomly choose 10 lucky winners who’ll either receive a yearly Nozbe Family account (up to 5 users) or they’ll have their existing paid account extended for yet another year.

Why should you watch and share my “10 steps to Ultimate Productivity” course?

Because you’ll learn everything I know about productivity quickly and easily. The material of the course is very generic and can be applied to any productivity tool you’ll use (including pen and paper) even though I give lots of examples from Nozbe there (well, it’s the tool I use, right?).

I initially pondered about the idea of charging for the course. Based on the other courses out there, I could have easily charged a few hundred bucks for it and I’d find many happy customers. After all, recording the course, hiring a professional crew, professional translators, make-up artist and overall getting this project done cost us lots of money… but I decided this material should be available to anyone - even if they don’t end up among the close to 200,000 happy Nozbe users (as yourself) they should at least learn a few productivity tips and tricks.

Here’s the course outline (each video is just a little over 5 minutes):

Introduction - what the course is all about - start watching here! :-)

Step 1 - “Inbox” - how to manage all of your inputs

Step 2 - “Projects” - how to become a true project manager

Step 3 - “Next Actions” - what they are and how to find them and focus on them

Step 4 - “Mobility” - how to get things done anywhere, with any device…

Step 5 - “Collaboration” - how to get things done with others - learn to finally delegate tasks and create synergies

Step 6 - “Contexts” - batch your tasks according to the tool you have ready, the place you’re in and much more…

Step 7 - “Reference Material” - manage your documents, papers, letters… and have them ready to help you get things done

Step 8 - “Weekly Review” - why it’s so important to review your productivity regularly.

Step 9 - “Email” - how to deal with the flood of incoming email messages and how to get your inbox to zero

Step 10 - “Get It All Done” - how to start and implement everything you’ve learned in the past lessons and create your Perfect Productivity System (TM)

Hope you like my new productivity course.

I’ve been running Nozbe for more than 6 years now and my mission has always been not only to give you the best tool available but also to teach you the best productivity tips and tricks I know.

Again, you can help me spread the word about this course by sharing it among your friends:

… and you’ll not only learn a lot from the course, but you’ll get a chance to apply your knowledge in your new, free yearly Nozbe account.