On Friday, 5 th July we announced the end of the 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course contest and we drew 10 lucky winners. Just to remind you: Anne Mateer, Kostiantyn Iakovliev, @ErikaMcIntyre, @emuelle, TzuChiang Liou,@pawelbanaszak, @StephHovland, Asia Ryćko, @aplaceforpaws and Pastor Stoeber

We want to thank all of you not only for taking part in the competition, but also for your amazing response, all the comments and shares. I’m glad that many of you spread the word about the course and helped others discover it. But most of all, I’m happy that you find my productivity tips and tricks useful for your own productivity systems :-)

Our ten lucky winners can now put the ideas into action on their new Nozbe family accounts (or on their existing paid accounts that will be extended for another year).

Once again congratulations!

Remeber also that everyone can try Nozbe (you don’t risk anything- there’s 60-days money-back guarantee and free plan available).

Also, I want to thank those who posted information about the course on their blogs:

Anne Mateer

Jeremy Walsh

Pastor Jason D. Stoeber

These blogs are really worth visiting!

We encourage everyone to watch the course. Because my productivity tips are really universal all of you will benefit from them. I’m sure those who do not use Nozbe find them useful as well.

P.S. Winners who haven’t contacted questions@nozbe.com please do so, your Nozbe accounts are waiting :-)