Believe me, this is a great moment for Nozbe and for me as the Nozbe founder. Finally, after spending most of the last year developing apps for all the important platforms, we’re ready to update these apps across the board and bring them on par with all the new features.

Introducing Nozbe apps, version 1.5

Over the last months we gradually introduced new apps but always one at a time with different version numbers. To avoid confusion we decided to put a new versioning scheme in place and today we’re upgrading all the apps to the newest version - 1.5 with all the latest features.

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Want so see it on video? Here it is:

And featuring for the first time ever:

All of the apps work offline - the web app is always ON!

As you know, all of our native apps can work offline (without Internet connection) and sync your data later.

The new web app works LIVE meaning, your data is automatically saved in Nozbe at all times. The new web app feels and runs as fast as our native apps, but is connected to Nozbe servers the whole time.

The old Nozbe web app will on be called “Nozbe Classic” from now on and you’ll still have access to it. You’ll be able to go back and forth between the new Nozbe web app and the Nozbe Classic - to make sure you get used to the new design and features. The new web app works across all the major modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9+…)

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What’s new in 1.5 apart from having all the apps together?

Glad you asked, here’s what we’ve been working on recently:

  • Activity view - now in each project, task, and throughout your Nozbe account you are able to see what’s going on: Who is working on what, who added a task, completed one, commented, removed it… perfect for even more efficient collaboration!

  • Team view - if you are on a multi-user account, you’ll be able to see who has which tasks delegated to them. You’ll also be able to directly change the delegation, and make sure everyone gets their tasks done!

  • Completed tasks - you’ll be able to browse all of your completed tasks in your projects and print them if you like. This feature requires Internet connection even on the native apps.

  • Your Nozbe Settings - you don’t have to go to Nozbe web app to change your global Nozbe settings - they are all in the apps now.

  • Auto-update - this is a completely new feature - most of our apps have an auto-update mechanism, so that they will automatically update as we release new versions. This allows us to fix the bugs faster than ever.

  • In-app purchase - if you’re on iOS you’ll be able to upgrade your account to Nozbe Personal Plan directly from within the app and pay using your iTunes credit. Easy!

  • New, easier syntax for commenting - only very powerful Nozbe users will see this one but it’s an important change - we’re switching from “Textile” to “Markdown” in our comments and notes to help you communicate through tasks even better.

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This 1.5 release is huge and it’s really important to us, as it sets us with a very regular release cycle for all of our apps. This way you’ll always be up-to-date with your Nozbe apps and get a lot done thanks to our regular new features.

Version 1.6 with additional features is already under way (with enhanced Evernote, Dropbox and Box support and much more) and will be released next month. We are just getting started!