Our Nozbe 1.9 was an amazing release. It introduced three fundamentally new features:

  • Improved project sharing (with anyone, even without Nozbe account)
  • Evernote Reminders sync (seamless, better than in the native Evernote app)
  • Push-notifications - for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Web app

With such a big release, despite longer and thorough testing, not everything worked as advertised for all of the users. This is why immediately after the 1.9 release our team focused on brining you even more polished Nozbe experience. The Nozbe 1.9.1 comes as an auto-update to all the platforms except for the Windows (download Windows client here)

Download all of the Nozbe apps here

Just go to your Settings and you’ll see if your app is 1.9.1 now. It should be.

With version 1.9.2 (due in a few weeks) we’ll introduce auto-update also to Windows clients where all the minor releases will be automatically updated over the air for everyone.

Enjoy 1.9.1 and let us know how it works for you in the comments below! Thanks for being the most amazing Nozbe users ever!

P.S. As we’re working on Nozbe 2.0 now, the major Nozbe re-write, we had to stop working on Nozbe Blackberry and Windows phone clients to focus on our best work. Once Nozbe 2.0 is out we’ll re-introduce support for these platforms and try to bring our best Nozbe ever there.

P.P.S. The complete change-log for the version 1.9.1 is as always, available on our test blog