I think, by now, you know that productivity is my life and passion. That’s why I wake up every day with a smile to work on Nozbe - a tool you’re using every day to get your things done.

A great tool is not enough - we all need inspiration!

This is why, a little more than 5 years ago, I launched the free Productive! Magazine. To give you advice and support from the best productivity thinkers on the Internet - to help you create your ideal day, workflow and lifestyle.

Today, I’ll share with you the info on: our latest issue, international expansion to Poland and Japan… and our newest Android app. Here it goes:

Productive! Magazine #17 with Brian Tracy

Last year, we decided to take our magazine from a semi-regular to a regular publication. That’s why I’m proud to present you issue #17 with Brian Tracy - world’s most recognized success, productivity and sales expert - where I had a privilege to talk to Brian in person about productivity, success and passion. On top of that, we’ve got 8 great articles with advice for productive parents, travelers and busy professionals.

As always, the magazine is completely free for you to enjoy and share with your friends and co-workers. Now, there are 3 ways to read our magazine:

  1. Read on the web (works great on both desktop and mobile Internet browsers)
  2. Get our free iPhone / iPad app (shows up in your iOS Newsstand)
  3. New! Get our Android phone / tablet app (you asked, we’ve got it for you)

While you’re reading issue #17 with Brian Tracy, please make sure to share it with your friends… and watch out for the March issue #18 with Scott Belsky - the author of the best-selling book: “Making Ideas Happen”.

Productive! Magazine is going international - Poland and Japan are first

We’re expanding our Productive! Magazine franchise to different countries… and these are NOT translations of the main Productive! Magazine. Just have a look:

Productive! Magazine Japan #1 with Kurazono Keizo-san - where I’m interviewing a famous musician, productivity expert and the author of the only book about Nozbe - Kurazono Keizo-san + great articles from Japanese productivity bloggers - published entirely in Japanese.

Cover of issue 17 on all devices

Productive! Magazine Polska #1 with Krzysztof Wysocki - where I’m interviewing Polish biggest GTD-proponent + great articles from Polish productivity experts - published in Polish language.

Cover of issue 17 on all devices

We’re just getting started! Next up: Productive! Magazine in Spanish and Dutch… and we’re looking to expand even more later this year: to Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Korea and China. We want everyone to be productive this year!

Want to convert your blog to a magazine on the iPhone, iPad and Android?

We’ve built our own magazine-app platform to be able to publish our Productive! Magazine. Now, we’re considering opening it up to other types of magazines. Ideally, if you have a popular blog, and always wanted to expand and publish your own magazine app, but you were put away by the cost and complexity of such a solution, sign up for our mailing list and let us know.

Let’s get things done this year!

This is how I’m going to fulfill my mission of helping you be even more productive this year:

Thanks for being a fantastic Nozbe user!