Join us on the first webinar this year: Getting New Year's Resolutions Done!

We're starting this year off right: Michael's new webinar on keeping resolutions and setting goals for 2017. Book your seat!

Ask Michael

What is the webinar about?

Hopefully, you've already set your yearly goals. They are, without any doubt, both ambitious and realistic. Now it's time to make them happen. How not to join people whose zeal quickly declines because of the first failures and procrastination? How to get disciplined and consistent every single day? Michael has the answers!

If you have no goals yet, feel even more invited – you'll learn how to make them achievable even before you decide what to do this year.

Like previously, there will be a Q&A session at the end of the meeting. Expect some extras for attendees too ;)

Don't wait any longer – register for the webinar NOW!

  • When? January 12, 2017: 7 PM CET (Paris) / 6 PM UTC (London) / 1 PM EST (New York) / 10 AM PST (San Francisco)
  • Where? On-line :) Register for free!

Please, leave the questions you might have for Michael in the comments below :)

Posted on Monday, January 9 (webinar,resolutions,news)

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