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Relaxation Spurs Effective Performance

Suppose that you have a major presentation coming up that might enable you to land a big client for your company. Are you relaxed enough to be at your best? Let me offer a story and some observations that drive home a crucial point.

Create your personal productivity planner

A good productivity planner can easily help you boost your efficiency and achieve your goals. It gives you the opportunity to come in, push everything aside, and focus on what you need to get done for the day. With a smart system, you will begin every morning with a clear action plan and ample motivation.

Which New Year’s resolutions will you keep?

Some of us make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, work out more often, etc. But the fact is that only 12 out of 100 people really stick to their resolutions. Why is that? Which New Year’s resolutions will you keep?

Bust up your routine to make time slow down

Are you living in real time or are you trying to catch up? Sometimes, in the quest to catch up with today, overturning some of your time-honored routines can help. For example:

Redirect yourself to be more productive

When you feel as if you’re not being as productive as you could be, or that you have strayed from your desired path, ask yourself: “What is the most effective use of my time?”

Incredibly simple guide to prioritizing your day

Most of my clients are completely overwhelmed when it comes to work. They are typically over committed and under organized, so when it comes time to get things done, very often they don’t know where to begin. They open their productivity app of choice and glance at their Priority or “Due” list and don’t know where to begin because they have 35 tasks “due” today. This is an easy habit to get into and thankfully there is an easy solution, with two ways to mitigate this problem.

How to setup an Eisenhower Matrix workflow in Nozbe - a super-practical guide

It feels like all those little tasks are demanding your time and you never have time for the tasks that really matter? We get overloaded with the urgent tasks instead of focusing on what’s important. It doesn’t have to be this way! Try using the Eisenhower Matrix to identify your real priorities.

Which kind of coffee will get you going?

Which kind of coffee will energize you the best? For sure the one that contains lots of caffeine. It’s pretty obvious. So which coffee to choose, then? That is not so obvious at all. The common opinion is that coffee with a strong taste is the most powerful and contains the greatest amount of caffeine. Actually it works the other way round.

Ask Michael S03E05: Project notes

Today you’ll learn how to store notes and attachments related to your projects. It’s pretty easy with project attachments!

Tackle the greater challenges earlier in the day

Research indicate that human beings are better able to handle challenges earlier in the day rather than later. Peak energy and alertness for most people is at 8 a.m. Also, fewer interruptions are likely earlier in the day.