I’m Michael Sliwinski, the CEO and founder of Nozbe - an app you’re using evey day to get things done. This is an exciting time for Nozbe and me personally and I wanted to share with you two things I’ve been working on.

Do you have an iPad?

If you don’t and you’re not planning to get one soon, please disregard this blog post. If you do, however, own an iPad or are getting ready to purchase one, please read on - I’ve got exciting news to share: Nozbe for iOS7 and my new book: "#iPadOnly - the first post-PC book: How to use only your iPad for work, play and everything in between".

1. Nozbe for iOS7 coming this Fall

Our engineering team is working like crazy this summer. On the one hand, in a few weeks we’ll bring you Nozbe 1.8 with revolutionary Evernote integration (even better than what you have now!) and Google Apps and Docs sync (yes, we were listening!). On the other hand we’re working on iOS7 Nozbe - a totally redesigned and re-imagined Nozbe app for the new iPhones and iPads. We’re testing iOS7 and applying Apple’s new design paradigms to Nozbe to make sure you’ll get even more done with our new iOS7 app later this Fall.

2. I co-wrote a book for you about working on the iPad: #iPadOnly

This is my first book ever and I’m so excited about it! Its aim is to show you that the iPad can become your main “computer” and how my co-author Augusto Pinaud and I have made it ours. It’s jam-packed with productivity advice, app recommendations and a lot more. It’s available in several versions:

#iPadOnly book

Here’s the backstory - why I wrote the #iPadOnly book with my friend Augusto:

Last year when we started working on our own in-house engineered Nozbe iPad app I decided to switch to the iPad completely and make it my main machine to work. I wanted to see how other apps work and explore this new post-PC device. I wanted to see if it could really become my main “computer” to run my business. And I wanted to be testing our new iPad app continually.

iPad as a productivity machine

You know I’m very passionate about productivity. This is why I’m already working on Nozbe more than 6 years now and I feel like I’m just getting started. I didn’t want to switch to the iPad just for the sake of it. I believed that thanks to the new app-centric approach, multi-touch interface, light weight, all-day battery, optional keyboard and other new paradigms - iPad will make me more productive. And boy it did.

Switching to the iPad has made me more productive.

Less distractions, more focus, better apps, files in the cloud, streamlined workflows… and many other small improvements have made me more productive on the iPad than I was on the Mac or PC. My co-author Augusto Pinaud has been #iPadOnly for two years now, I’m #iPadOnly more than a year. And not only do we feel we’re more productive on this device, but also we’re having a blast in the process.

This is why we wrote this book; we believe you can use your iPad not only as a “media consumption device”, but also you’ll be able to accomplish 60, 70, 80, 90 or maybe even 100% of your work tasks on the iPad. And you’ll love it. But it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process and that’s why we wrote this book for you.

Here’s what others are saying about this book:

"#iPadOnly - got it, read it, now trying it! Good to see some real examples. Well worth the read!" - Nial

“I can’t say enough about the new #iPadOnly book - I now have new apps and new perspectives” - Jason

“The authors' concept that a professional can just work with an iPad is fueled by what they describe in Chapter 3 as the “new office paradigm” (…) They drive the point home further by saying that if Michael Sliwinski can do it as a CEO of a small business with developers scattered across the globe (…) then so can you.” - Daniel

Don’t take my word for it, please go to the #iPadOnly web site and get your free chapter. And if you want to start your own #iPadOnly journey right now, get the book from these retailers:

Again, thanks for taking your time to read this email. I’m very excited about this book and I decided to let you - my beloved Nozbe user - know about it.

I’m passionate about productivity and I’m getting a lot done with Nozbe on my iPad and lots of other great apps I’m describing in this book. I just had to share this with you, because I want to help you lead an even more productive and fulfilled life.

Thanks for your support,