Four-day work week

Follow our lead and make your Fridays mighty.
Plan your work, recharge your batteries, and learn something new.

Mighty Friday
work better

Work less, but better

Mighty Friday – a productive revolution

In order to succeed, our businesses and organizations must constantly adapt to the ever-changing world. We need to adjust and experiment with the way we work to make sure it’s sustainable in the long term, and – simultaneously – we must nurture our work-life balance.

In 2016, we introduced the new Mighty Friday policy at Nozbe.
We decided that Fridays should be our special day of the week when we focus on our work… by not working.

…And it’s been a great success!

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Three challenges
of a regular workweek

The issues we faced in the pre-Friday era

regular weekly reviews

Lack of regular Weekly Reviews

Our teammates couldn’t find the time to properly perform their Weekly Reviews – one of the most important elements of GTD®, on which Nozbe is based.

We were all too busy and focused on our every-day tasks, so we didn’t have time to review our work and plan for the upcoming week.
personal development

No time for personal development

To improve our products, we must constantly adapt to the changing world by learning new things.

However, after working for eight hours every weekday, we couldn’t find any strength or energy to focus on personal development in our free time.
Burnout hazard

Burnout hazard

In a no-office company, you’re evaluated for your results. This is why we’d all been working hard to deliver our tasks on time – and why we started to pay less attention to our work-life balance.

The constant overload of work was slowly bringing some of us close to burnout.
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Make Friday different
– make it Mighty

Three golden rules of our Mighty Fridays

Mighty Friday shouldn’t be entirely free. Mighty Fridays are not about having an extra day of the weekend.
Instead, it’s about making Friday work for you.

Here are the three golden rules to follow that will help you introduce Mighty Fridays into your team:
    Tackle work-related tasks

    Rule #1:

    Tackle work-related tasks only from Monday to Thursday

    Try working on your day-to-day tasks for the first four days of a week. Our productivity naturally declines towards the end of a week, so focus on doing your actual work from Monday to Thursday. While you may be working less, you’ll be working better.

    If you have urgent tasks that cannot wait and need to be taken care of on Friday, make sure to address them at the beginning of your day.

    Pro-tip: Try to avoid unnecessary meetings and calls during your four-day workweek, and respect your colleagues’ precious Deep Work time.

    Rule #2:

    Perform your Weekly Review on Friday

    Start your Mighty Friday by performing the most important thing to do on this unique day: a thorough Weekly Review.

    A Weekly Review will help you review your past week and plan your work for the following week. When you start back on Monday, you’ll know exactly what you’re supposed to do. This way, you’ll prevent stress buildup and have a more productive workweek!

    Pro-tip: To make Fridays unique, spend them in a different place or context – even just for the time when you’ll be doing your Weekly Review.
    A coffee shop, a couch, a different room – the choice is yours!
    Perform your Weekly Review on Friday
    Design the rest of your Friday

    Rule #3:

    Design the rest of your Friday

    Once you review your week and plan your tasks for the upcoming one, you can choose whatever you want to do with your spare time. Here are some examples:
    → read articles or watch videos that are related to your work
    → take classes or courses
    → clean up or rearrange your physical and virtual workspace
    → focus on a hobby that boosts your creativity and recharges your batteries
    → spend time to reconnect with your teammates

    Treat it as an opportunity for self-development. It’s all about becoming a better version of yourself.

    Pro-tip: Fridays can also be used to find and learn new tools that will improve your work, such as Nozbe. It’s packed with features that will help you and your team become even more productive!
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The benefits of
Mighty Fridays

regular reviews

Each team member will perform
a Weekly Review

By introducing Mighty Fridays with obligatory Weekly Reviews, your team will spend time reviewing their past week’s work and scheduling tasks for the upcoming week.

Everyone will know what to do, and – as a result – they will perform better.
personal development

It provides planned time
for personal development

Your employees will now have time to focus on improving their work-related skills, taking classes and courses, or catching up on industry-related news.

By gaining new qualifications, your team will fuel your business’ success.
less stressed, more productive team

You'll have a less stressed
and more productive team

By having all of their work planned in advance, your team will regain clarity and know what exactly to do at the beginning of each week.

And since they’re only working four days a week, your employees will have more time to unwind and relieve stress.
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How to perform
an effective Weekly Review

Encourage regular weekly reviews in your team

A Weekly Review is your regular meeting with yourself. It’s time you should spend on reconnecting with your goals, as well as reviewing your past week and scheduling your upcoming week.

Here are 5 steps to help you run a perfect Weekly Review:

    1. Clean up your inboxes

    Spend time to clean up all of your inboxes:

    → Go through the document tray on your desk, your email inboxes, downloaded files, and your single tasks in Nozbe.
    → Get rid of docs, emails, and tasks that are no longer necessary.
    → Process what’s left by digitizing paper documents, forwarding emails to Nozbe to make them actionable, or moving single tasks to appropriate projects.
    Clean up your inboxes
    Reconnect with your goals

    2. Reconnect with
    your goals

    Think of your short- and long-term goals:

    → Reconnect with your goals – why you want to achieve them?
    → Review your goals and track their progress.
    → Check if you’ve managed to move your goals forward over the last week.
    → Think of ways to improve the goals’ progress over the course of the next week, and create appropriate tasks.
    → Review your work statistics: number of clients, finances, ad stats, etc.
    → Review your personal statistics – sports, health, books read, etc.

    3. Review your past week

    Spend time reviewing what you’ve achieved over the course of the past seven days:

    → Go through your calendar, journal, and the “Completed tasks” view.
    → See the tasks that you’ve completed last week.
    → Check to see if there are any tasks that you planned for the past week but haven’t been able to finish. Reschedule them if necessary.
    → Add new tasks and comments based on what you’ve learned.
    Review your past week
    Plan the upcoming week

    4. Plan the upcoming week

    Time to schedule work for the upcoming week:

    → Decide which tasks should be done within the next week. Add due dates and reminders so that you don’t forget about them.
    → Add all the necessary meetings, appointments, and calls to your calendar.
    → See if there are any important events coming (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) and prepare for them.
    → If needed, schedule time-off, vacations, and sabbaticals.

    5. Review all your projects and tasks

    Go through your whole productivity system:

    → Review each project. Decide whether it’s still necessary, if it should be completed, or if it can be combined with another project.
    → In each project, go through each task. Check if it’s still relevant and if the due date is realistic. See whether it requires updating, and add all the necessary info.
    → See whether there are tasks that you can delegate to someone else.
    → Complete the unnecessary tasks.
    → If an important task delegated to one of your colleagues seems to have been forgotten, @mention them and ask them about the status.
    Review all your projects and tasks
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Make yourself and your time a priority,
and your effort will quickly pay back.

If you haven’t performed regular check-ups of your productivity system, your first Weekly Review may take up to a day. But don’t worry – it will get easier and quicker with each week! After some time, your future reviews could take up to 2 hours.

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