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Actually, when you choose the Nozbe yearly package, you save 2 months already, so you're paying for 10 months and getting 12 months... and then, we'll give you additional month! Again, this means you're paying for 10 months and your Nozbe account will be extended by 13 months! This offer is valid only today.

Nozbe.HOW Contest

If you want to enter our contest for the best template click here (or click image below). This contest is not just an opportunity to win great prizes – it’s also a chance for you to share your effective methods of working and interesting ideas for getting projects done.

In this contest there are no losers – everyone’s a winner. That goes for both participants (check our prizes!) and those who’ll learn about the contest and see the templates. That second group will be rewarded with knowledge and the opportunity to apply new tips and tricks that will save time and energy.


Webinar recordings

You can also get access to the whole archive of our webinars! It's 10+ hours of video resources based around different productivity topics. Just enter your email adress below and click the Subscribe button.

"Nozbe is the center of my ecosystem...period. I have finally vanquished email and Nozbe sits at the center. It is my hub and has not only made me productive, but helped me balance work and home. I have a ton of things I am balancing and I am able to do it effectively now thanks to Nozbe!" - Mike Seferyn

"Nozbe lets me focus on what I am doing rather than worrying about remembering things. Remembering and prioritizing more ideas means more potential, a better life." - Jerram

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