Meet the team

People dedicated to help you get things done every single day!

Meet the team

Michael Sliwinski


Although he's de-facto the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), he prefers his unofficial title: CPO (Chief Productivity Officer) - he's still the man behind the vision of the company and main product designer of Nozbe's apps. He loves working on Nozbe and helping people get more productive. That's why he's also the editor-in-chief of the Productive! Magazine and the man behind productivity videos of the Productive! Magazine Show. He blogs a lot on his personal blog and loves to connect with people on Twitter and Facebook.


Chief Operations Officer

Michael's father. Inspired his son to start on his own and supported him ever since. Finally his son convinced him to join the team full time and be his sounding board and advisor… and take care of all the administrative tasks so that Michael can keep on working on the product.

Happiness Team

Our support girls :-)

Happiness Team


Customer Happiness Officer

Nozbe employee no. 1 - has helped Michael embrace the great Nozbe community and loves to interact with people to help everyone get more done. She's in charge of our Support "Happiness" Team.


Japanese Happiness Officer

Sushi is her thing. She's responsible for Nozbe's Asian expansion and for making our fantastic customers from far-East really happy. Yatta!


European Happiness Officer

Based in Germany, she oversees our European users and keeps them happy by solving their productivity problems. Alles klar? :-)

Engineering Team

Design and programming Ninjas

Design and programming Ninjas


Chief Technology Officer

The man behind Nozbe's technologies, juggles between all the platforms and makes sure we keep on innovating on all of them. Employee no. 2 - he took over development of Nozbe from Michael. Now they practically read each others' minds.


Chief Designer

Before meeting Radek, Michael thought he could draw. Now he only sketches and Radek draws. Later he converts these drawings to magical CSS and HTML.


Product Manager

He's the "bridge" between the Engineering team and our Happiness Officers. Passionate GTDer he's making sure our entire team works together on a fantastic Nozbe product.


Programming Ninja

Responsible for investigating our newest technologies and making sure to optimize our code for scale.


Programming Ninja

Comes from banking background. Skillful programmer with great understanding of UX and a fantastic product sense.


We are hiring!

We're constantly looking for talented people from Poland who want to work from home. Contact us!

Productive! Magazine team

Bringing you inspiring productivity content on a regular basis

Meet the team


Productive! Magazine Editor

Magda, experienced in publishing, is handling the Productive! Magazine, helping Michael make it a regular, fantastic, monthly magazine. She's the de-facto executive editor. She's also Michael's interim assistant so if you email Michael, you might receive a quick reply from Magda.

Radek P.

Programming Ninja

Young and talented programmer who's been helping us with Nozbe iOS and Mac versions for a while now. Now he's focused on making a fantastic Productive! Magazine app.


Japanese Editor

Keisuke will help us bring Productive! Magazine to Japan with original content from our Japanese productivity aficionados.

Lori, James and Emily

Our proofreaders

Our official Productive! Magazine proofreaders - they make sure our magazine gets published in proper American English :-)

Official address and company details

Nozbe is a product of the company

ul. Rozewska 18, 81-055 Gdynia, Poland (Europe)

EU-VAT ID: PL9580973303