About us

What is Nozbe?

One of Nozbe users said: “It is a tool to get things organized and done.” Basically, that’s it. And since 2007, we have been continuously working on improving the Nozbe productivity system, which is appreciated by hundreds of thousands of individuals and teams from all over the world. Not only do we offer apps for all popular platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS), but we also offer friendly support and educational materials to help our customers achieve success while living a more balanced and better organized life.
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    What is our mission?

    At Nozbe, we care deeply about our customers. We are passionate about productivity, organization, and, above all, customer success. Our mission is to guide people on the path to getting things done and communicating effectively. We aim to help people work more efficiently so that they gain more time for whom and what they love.
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    how we work

    How do we work?

    We believe that work is not a place to go, but a thing to do. At Nozbe, we all work remotely. As we do not have a central office, we require a good method for internal communication. Therefore, we communicate through tasks and comments in the Nozbe app.

    Who we are?

    At Nozbe, there are 25 full-time employees and another 10 who cooperate with us on a regular basis (read on to meet us all!). We all work remotely. Our core team is Polish, but many members of our team are spread all over the world. This includes our contractors, who are located on four different continents.
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Let us introduce the Nozbe Team:

Michael Sliwinski - Nozbe Founder and CEO, responsible for the vision and marketing of our productivity app.

We have a strong engineering team led by Tomasz (CTO) with Rafał (VP Product), Radziu (VP Technology), Kamil, Konrad, Michał, Leon, Jarek, Mijam, and our designer Hubert (VP Style).

In marketing we have: Magda (content) and Ewelina (PR Manager, social media).

When you do email us, one of our Customer Happiness Officers will reply to you: Iwona - VP Customer Support, speaks: English, Polish, Portuguese and German; Emilia - speaks: English, Polish and Chinese; Łukasz - speaks: English, Polish and Dutch; Ola - speaks: English, Polish and Russian; Dominika - speaks: English, Polish and Spanish.

Waldemar (CFO) takes care of our finances.

We’re also working regularly with great editors and translators: Daniella (English), Keisuke (Japanese), Kasia and Ela (Polish), Martina (German), Maria and Luis (Spanish), Callista (Dutch), Marina (Russian), Mr. Wang (Chinese), Kang (Korean), Philippe (French).

Nozbe is a Product of a Company: “Nozbe sp. z o.o."

Nozbe® is a product and a registered trademark of Michael Sliwinski and his company (Nozbe sp. z o.o.) in the European Union and other countries and continents. Apart from Nozbe, we also ran Productive! Magazine

Official address and company details

Nozbe sp. z o.o. ul. Spacerowa 31/5, 81-521 Gdynia, Poland (Europe) EU-VAT ID: PL5862383639 Owner: Michał Śliwiński

Past Projects

If you are really interested, before launching Nozbe, Michael (as apivision.com - founded in 2003) was involved with these projects: BuySculpture.com (operated by Urregui S.L.), MiguelGuia.com (operated by the artist), SpanienInfo (operated by Javier Jurado), HitRSS (discontinued), Wyslij.info (shut down in 2008).