Chain tasks… what are they?

Quite often we come across a very particular set of tasks. I like to call them chain tasks, as they act as if they were a silver chain, one following the other.

To put it in simple terms, chain tasks are a group of consecutive tasks that need to be done in certain order and most often task B, C, D can’t be done without having A completed.

Chain tasks

What can be done with them in Nozbe?

It is true that Nozbe does not have a direct/to-the-point option for them. Having been asked about them frequently, and having tried my best to work around that lack, I came up with and idea, that although not ideal, seems to work well.

I use categories.


Well, I have created two sets of categories. 1-2-3-4-5-6 (normally don’t go past 6 points but can add new when needed) and A-B-C-D-E-F.

I use those to mark chains. I have not yet had more than two chains at a time in one project, so there was no need to play with those further, but should a need arise I will simply create another set of 1-2-3-4-5-6 and give it different color than the 1st one. I’m certain you grasp the idea.

Then, I create set of tasks and give each corresponding letter or number, depending on their position in the sequence.

2 chains in a project

I’m set to go, what now?

Working on chains is about the only time when I actually sit with given project open, or enter into it right after I have completed the task with “1” or “A” category. This is the downside, you do need to keep in mind to go to the original project, or to work from it, while being “on the chain.”

So, once I am done with the first task, I go on to the one marked with “2” or “B” (alternative can filter in the categories or project view for specific category marked task). Done with “2” and/or “B” go onto “3” and/or “C” and so on.


Chain tasks are definitely on our to-do list, but they may take a longer while to appear. No reason for this inconvenience to cripple or hinder your productivity system in any way. The fact that the B won’t follow A automatically may be a nausea but it is certainly easier to live with once you apply this simple workaround.

It works well for me in 95% of cases… I believe it may help you all as well.

Written by Delfina, Nozbe VP Affiliate