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Get Siri to add tasks to Nozbe – a short interview with Jeff Sanders


With technology, the only thing that can limit us is our creativity!

Nozbe for beginners and pros – a short interview with Jeroen Sangers


As a productivity tutor, Jeroen Sangers knows many GTD services, but Nozbe is his app of choice.

How to workaround lack of chain tasks - Nozbe tip


Chain tasks… what are they?

Quite often we come across a very particular set of tasks. I like to call them chain tasks, as they act as if they were a silver chain, one following the other.

To put it in simple terms, chain tasks are a group of consecutive tasks that need to be done in certain order and most often task B, C, D can’t be done without having A completed.

Chain tasks

What can be done with them in Nozbe?

It is true that Nozbe does not have a direct/to-the-point option for them. Having been asked about them frequently, and having tried my best to work around that lack, I came up with and idea, that although not ideal, seems to work well.