Tomorrow all Dutch people will celebrate Koningsdag - King’s Day. Their streets, clothes, and faces will turn orange. We want to show how much we love our users from Netherlands, so we’re sending our best orange wishes!

The King’s Day is (probably) the biggest birthday party on Earth! People in Netherlands spend their time with their friends and families: on a boat, clubbing in Amsterdam, sightseeing museums, or just doing some koekhappen with their kids :)

Koningsdag - Marcin

As we’re interested in Netherland culture we’d like to see how Nozbe users get things done on this special day! Share some orange photos of yourself or of your whole family/team with us! If you post it on Instagram or Twitter please add #Koningsdag and mention us @Nozbe. Let’s the orange news feed our timeline! :)

We are also prepared! At least, our pages are. ;) We’ve added some fresh orange colors to our sites. Check them out before they’re gone!

Koningsdag - Michael

Koningsdag - Magda

Koningsdag - Kuba