After months of testing and developing we’re finally giving you a new mobile-optimized web version of Nozbe.

When iPhone launched years ago, we built, optimized for the iPhone… and haven’t improved it since as we focused on our native apps… but as we want you to be productive on the move as much as possible and many folks prefer web interface than downloading native apps and people with different smartphones need Nozbe, we listened and for the last several months we’ve been silently developing the smartphone-optimized version of Nozbe. Here' it is:

Launching “”

If you go to the above address you’ll be able to log in to our phone-optimized interface. Here are some highlights:

  • It works on most smartphones - we tested it on most smartphones (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone), but hopefully with your feedback it’ll work even better, keep the comments coming how this new interface works on your phone.

  • No menu - modern feel with “quick plus” button we’ve optimized the interface so that there is no menu, you just open it and go directly to your Next Actions or inbox and start getting things done. You’ll love it.

  • Works offline, baby! - it’s built using HTML5 technologies and works offline and syncs seamlessly with Nozbe web. We’ve put all our hard work dedicated to our desktop app into it to make sure it works offline as well. So just keep on working, when you lose connection, keep working, when you get it back, your changes will sync.

  • Push-sync - syncs when needs to - we’ve set up a special push-server to make sure your changes sync when they need to. This way when you work on the web and then go to your smartphone, the changes are automatically pushed to your device. This feature is also coming to our desktop application in the next few weeks but it’s perfect on the mobile phone!

  • Works on the iPad and Android Tablets! - it works really nicely on the iPad, Kindle Fire and other Android tablets. Just check it out. Great, focused interface…. but having said that, we’re currently working on even better, more dedicated Tablet-friendly interface but we still need a few weeks to perfect it. Meanwhile this mobile interface should be good enough for your tablet :-)

  • Works on Retina-displays sharp - our designer made sure this interface works beautifully on both Retina iPhones and iPads, you’ll love the sharp icons and graphics.

  • It’ll keep on improving over time - it’s version 1.0, new features are coming in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

Thanks to the team!

Our new developers (Staszek and Krzysztof) under the guidance of our CTO Tomasz and creative touch of our designer Radek did all this together. Thanks guys! I think it’s an amazing version 1.0.

Without further ado, just point your mobile phone or tablet to “” and you’re all set!