Last week we launched Nozbe 1.9 and I wrote about it in my previous post… but this time around I want to remind you about something really important.

It’s about new and improved Project Sharing. Here’s my video all about it:

Why Nozbe 1.9 revolutionizes collaboration

Before Nozbe 1.9, when you wanted to share a project with someone, you’d have to ask them if they used Nozbe, convince them to give Nozbe a try, tell them why Nozbe is so great for your productivity… and only if they signed up could you invite them to share a project with you.

Not anymore.

With Nozbe 1.9 it’s so much easier. If you have a project you want to share with someone, click on the sharing icon in this project and write their email address. That’s it.

What they’ll receive is a special, unique link. When they click on it they’ll be able to access the project directly with their web browser and start adding tasks and adding comments to your tasks right away.

Yes, they’ll be able to sign up for Nozbe if they really want to, but it will be optional. You don’t have to convince them to use Nozbe for their own stuff. What matters to you is that they will be able to participate in your Nozbe project regardless.

This is huge. Now in 2014 you can share a Nozbe project with anyone and they will have no excuse not to work with you. They will literally have to help you achieve your goals!

Bonus: Sync Evernote reminders. Receive push notifications.

There’s more to Nozbe 1.9 - automatically sync Evernote reminders and receive push notifications - make sure to watch the video carefully :-)