Spring Cleaning Your Productivity System

Depending on where you live in the world, Spring is often a season of “new things”. In this post, Nozbe Ambassador Mike St. Pierre shares strategies for aligning your productivity with the new opportunities of the season.

I’ll never forget the three years that I lived in Baltimore, MD. Just a half hour north of Washington, DC, Baltimore features one of the most beautiful seasons of Spring in all of the United States. With flowering trees that last for weeks and a climate that puts a smile on your face, Baltimore became our favorite place to be between February and April. As people emerged from the doldrums of Winter, new life emerged in every neighborhood and part of the city.

Retool and refocus your work this spring

Spring is also the perfect time to do some Spring cleaning related to your productivity system. Here are four actions you can take this Spring to retool and refocus your work:

1. Take a full day for a quarterly review

Think of this as a “personal retreat” where you go to a place you love (think of a place that you truly enjoy indoors, outdoors, etc.) and process your todo list manager. For me, this means that I go through Nozbe and review all of my projects. Some can be eliminated and others consolidated. Tasks can be delegated. You can also use the quarterly review to revisit your personal goals and progress you’ve made on key projects.

2. Tidy up your workspace

Even a small workspace can get cluttered over time. Are the floors clear of clutter and papers? Do you need anything for your desk? Is it time for new lighting? Might a plant bring some Spring-life to your space? Take pride in where you work.

3. Stop doing 2-3 projects

Whether you utilize a full day for the quarterly review or just take an hour to get refocused, Spring is the perfect time of year to stop doing a few of your projects. This will be the most difficult (but also liberating) step. It’s hard, after all, to tell people that you won’t be doing particular projects. People won’t understand and may push back. Nonetheless, Spring is for streamlining and nothing says efficient like a decision to drop a project.

4. Revisit your mentors

Many of us have more mentors than we realize and Spring offers a great time of year to send an email or grab a coffee with at least one of them. Mentors give us perspective and like Spring, new motivations to keep going.

By doing these four things, your Spring will be filled not only with flowering trees, but with excitement about your work and life.

Dr. Mike St. Pierre
The Executive Director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association. He writes about productivity and prayer at www.mikestpierre.com.