Working from home - episode 5

Here is the recording of the 5th live session dedicated to remote work. In this episode, Michael, Nozbe CEO, and Radek, Nozbe’s VP of Engineering, share their experience with working from home effectively. Today hey explain explain how to do online meetings with everyone joining in from their homes and how to do it efficiently.

The key issues Michael and Radek mention in this episode:

  • Why brainstorming isn’t so great
  • How to organize meetings in a remote team
  • What process we follow at Nozbe to run efficient online meetings

Watch the recording and see how to get online meeting done effectively.

Past and future recordings

If you liked this video you might also want to watch other episodes of the series. Each one is a fantastic source of remote work advice. The guidelines we provide are not just theory - our company doesn’t have the physical office, and we’ve been working remotely for over a decade now. We have a lot to share and explain.

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