Backpack only and home automation on the cheap - The Podcast (October 2018)

The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael (our CEO) and Radek (Nozbe VP Apple.) In October, our hosts present how to pack all the stuff for a week long trip in a regular backpack and share their ideas for home automation. Read on and choose your favorite episode this month.

162: Backpack Only

The Podcast special, live from a Nozbe company reunion in Kraków! This one, if you can, you should really watch on video.

Radek and Michael unpack their backpacks on camera, and show precisely every single item they have in there. Turns out, you really don’t need that much space to fit everything you need for a trip.

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161: Talk to them!

Lessons learned from Michael’s visit to Mobiconf. The liberty of backpack-only lifestyle. Choosing conferences wisely. And talking to people.

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160: Building with hammers

Home office renovations, laying out cable, procrastination, tinkering with Raspberry Pi, and home automation on the cheap.

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159: Home automation

Experimenting with home automation with HomeKit.

Interested in making your home “more intelligent”?

Why living in a simple, minimalistic space is efficient, frugal, and good for psychological well-being.

And more importantly: how to get there. (Hint: it’s an emotionally daunting journey, but well worth it!)

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