We are entering 2013 with a splash and we want to make it the year of productivity where you will be more productive than ever and your New Year’s Resolutions will be accomplished.

We want to help you and your team achieve all of that thanks to our new apps, our seamless sync and additional breakthrough solutions that are currently under development.

Nozbe Promo video - Simply Get It All Done

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2013 will be a great year for Nozbe and for you - our fantastic Nozbe user. The latest updates are:

  • Desktop (Mac and Windows) - we’ve launched version 1.4.2 available on our apps page and on the Mac App Store
  • Android - we’ve updated our Android app with many fixes and enhancements (and a gorgeous welcome screen!) - the Tablet Android application is in the works and is scheduled for February (half of our team already owns Nexuses 7 :-)
  • Mobile Web App - updated with newest features and improved speed. And, it now works on Windows Phone! (Native Windows Phone app coming in February, too!)
  • New Web App - is still in the works, will go into beta in February - we’re currently testing compatibility with all major browsers
  • New iPhone and iPad app - submitted to the App Store; should be available very soon. We can’t wait! When we asked our beta testers what they think about it, they say: “We already use it every day and switched to it totally!" I feel the same as I use it on my iPad every day… even Michael Hyatt recommends it!

We are just getting started!

New video, new apps… and very soon, a new productivity course… and we still have some fantastic things to show you throughout the year. It’s going to be a great one!