The “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” by Michael Sliwinski - the simplest way to complete your goals.

Everyone can be productive. Productivity is not a rocket science. Frankly, it’s a matter of adopting a couple of habits, building a personal system and using some tricks or techniques on a daily basis.

You can struggle and learn the above from your own experience (after many years), you can read hundreds of blog posts and study productivity resources or… you can check out my latest book and become an efficient project manager in no time.

“10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” on pre-sale!

I am so happy to announce that my new book: “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” is here!

You can get the paperback, ebook or a productivity pack including the Nozbe subscription.

(Audiobook will be available very soon on Audible and Amazon will start shipping the book on Jan 2).

Ask Michael S04E14: “10 steps…” book purpose

There are so many terrific productivity books on the market. Is there space for another one? Yes, we’re quite sure about that! Learn why Michael is going to publish his book “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity.”

Ask Michael S04E10: 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

The Polish edition of the “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” book is on the market. Now we’re working on the English edition! Learn how you will be able to get your copy.

„10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” Audiobook

Another day, another freebie for You! Hopefully you remember our video course called „10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity.” Many people (not only Nozbe users) successfully used this huge dollop of knowledge to improve their lives. Because of that we prepared an audio version of this course so that you can access it even more easily. Today, as we are still celebrating Nozbe’s 9th birthday, we’d like to give it to you for free - „10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Audiobook” - download it as MP3 files.