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When Nozbe team meets up… #NozbeReunion - Nozbe Productivity Digest 2/2016


Note from Michael, Nozbe CEO: As you may already know from our social media channels, today is the first day of our #NozbeReunion. It’s the moment when all of our Nozbe team, who usually work from their homes, meet in one hotel, for one week, and enjoys the moment of being together. We’re going to work, brainstorm ideas, socialize and have a lot of fun!

Embracing change step by step - Nozbe Productivity Digest 1/2016


Welcome to the first issue of our new Newsletter, called “Nozbe Productivity Digest”, where we’d like to inspire you to improve your productivity and have an even happier life!

Note from Michael, Nozbe CEO

You see, I’m always thinking about ways to improve myself. But this means change. And change is hard. And it’s all about taking it one step at a time. And we never know if that step is even in the right direction until we try. And how many steps will be after that. And what will happen after a few of these steps… ten… hundred… and what if we fail? Or have to turn back?

Inspiring productivity read and listen for this weekend and Nozbe 2.1.8 for Android

Nozbe As you know, we’ve just rolled out Nozbe 2.1.8 with major speed improvements, Android widget and lots of great new features (if you have a smartphone where Nozbe felt slow, then… not anymore! You should totally get 2.1.8 for Android and read all about it.) The latest Nozbe is already out for Android, Linux, Windows and Mac. We’re still waiting for Apple’s approval of the iOS version with much-improved Apple Watch support.